#2 of 3 in our original BOGEAR Fake It Till You Make It Designs.
Mixing our tongue in cheek story telling with the ability to customise your pack, these patches are colourful and designed to travel with you around the world.

  • Micro woven patch with Iron-On backing
  • 55mm x 65mm
  • Made in USA
  • Blue with mountain imagery
  • #2 of 3 original BOGEAR Fake It Till You Make It designs.


Merit badges are a mark of pride for Scouts. They are badges that are earned.

This is a badge that is bought… perhaps it brings you some merit, but I doubt it.

This patch is a nod to all the bike riders out there pumping away under their own steam. Just because you can’t earn a King Of the Mountain on Strava doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a KOM in our eyes. Go on, Fake It Till You Make It.


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