Professionally finished backpack shoulder straps for your DIY project


Take your DIY project to the next level and install our pre-made Shoulder Straps for a professional finish to your sewn backpack. 

  • Black 500D face fabric (top fabric)
  • 10mm EVA Foam (middle)
  • 3mm “neoprene like” CR Mesh base fabric (base fabric, next to skin)
  • Black 25mm coarse textured webbing
  • 25mm WooJin Buckles
  • Made in Vietnam using our trusted supply partner


Shoulder straps are a fiddly and time consuming sub-component of backpack manufacture.

Our shoulder straps are professionally finished, with all the hard work done for you. 10mm foam is used, which is spray laminated to a 3mm air mesh. This feels soft and comfortable next to your skin, rather like neoprene, and won’t bubble or wrinkle due to the spray lamination process.

These straps are very involved to manufacture especially if you don’t have a dedicated cylinder arm binding machine and spray laminating set up. We’ve done the hard work ready for you to install.

Like how the straps look and want to try manufacturing it yourself? We also make available our Shoulder Strap Pattern, complete with detailed step by step instructions.


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