We have worked with some amazing clients, providing services such as sewn product design, development and production, training and strategy.

Clients and brands include:
MAXTRAX, Fused Goods, Stray Systems, TechShot Cricket, Fly LegsUp, CrankIt Fitness, Brisbane Outdoor Gear, High Range Outdoors, 4SHAW socks and more.

This is just a snippet of what we can share...

Stray Systems Jerry Can Bag Penny Defender
Stray Systems Jerry Can Bag Landrover Defender Wetsuit
BOGEAR Client, 4SHAW Socks
BOGEAR Client, Fused Goods
BOGEAR Client MAXTRAX 4wd Recovery
BOGEAR Client, Fly Legs Up
BOGEAR in house brand
BOGEAR Client, MAXTRAX Carry Bag
BOGEAR Client, High Range Outdoors
BOGEAR Client, CrankIt Fitness
BOGEAR Client, TechShot Cricket
BOGEAR Client, MAXTRAX Rear Wheel Harness
BOGEAR Client, Ezy Dog Drive Harness