Bartack Sewing Machine



BOGEAR was founded in 2008, and specialises in the Design, Development and Manufacture of sewn product goods. We have our own in-house branded product lines, Stray Systems and BOGEAR, and help clients commercially design, develop and manufacture their own products, lines or brands using our international manufacturing partners.

We have an intimate Australian Design Studio containing numerous machines, tools and materials to in-house prototype, sample, iterate, modify and design.

We can send production ready samples to our international manufacturing partners. Normally design firms only provide sketches to their manufacturing partners, so this unique difference helps our clients test and iterate their designs locally, and subsequently launch faster than normal with less issues through miscommunication across language barriers.

Internally, our own product lines specialises in four wheel drive sewn accessories, backpacks, messenger bags, and general load carriage equipment. We also share our knowledge with DIY makers through pattern files, digital training, and standard operating procedures.

Our external clients are diverse, ranging from four wheel drive product, fitness and exercise products, through to travel specialty items. We are proud to have worked with clients who are leaders in their own industries such as MAXTRAX, Fly LegsUp, EzyDog, CrankIt Suspension Training, TechShot Cricket, Raptor Racks, Pelleres, Fused Goods, GrandFinal Technologies, 4SHAW, High Range Outdoors, and CMD design.

BOGEAR’s founder and design director, Dave Bell, has over a decade of experience specialising in Sewn Product. He is also on the sewing machines, sampling, testing and prototyping, while providing the important conduit between client and our international development and manufacturing partners.