Small Things Bundle

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Do you have a big bag with lots of loose little things inside? Well this bundle is for you

Bundle includes: 3x Shrapsac, and a keyring

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Regular Price: $25.80

Special Price: $21.95

Does your bag always end up full of clinky/rattly small and hard to find items? Don't lie to me. I know it does if all the bags I check out "in the wild" are anything to go by. You know, those little things like 5c pieces, paperclips, bulldog clips, that loose pen cap, and your headphone cables. Yeah... those things. Those things that need a home but dont have a home and feel incredibly lost inside a big BIG bag.

Well help 'em out. Give them a home. Organise them into neat little packages.
(can you tell I like organising things?)

This bundle includes:

3x Shrapsacs (rrp $6.95 ea) 
Not one, not two, but THREE Shrapsacs. Sounds like overkill, but really you are going to need them all if you really want to sort out your bag. Like who would keep their headphones with their coins? Each need their own dedicated pouch.

Keyring (rrp $4.95)
Don't neglect your keys either. Just because you've got them on the same keyring that they came with from the locksmith does not mean they are "organised". Put them on our nifty little twirling size keyring. Yeah, thats right... Twirling size. Spin it around your finger and look casual and indifferent but cool all at the same time.

Now that I think about it, our keyring doesn't help you organise your keys. I just got carried away. Our keyring organises is perfect twirling size!

Alan, 26/06/15
These may seem like superfluous accessories but have helped me to organise keys, cables, earphones and coins. I now spend a lot less time fossicking around in my Spare Camel after reaching my destination and more time getting on with things. Getting them in assorted colours (camo or bright) also aids quick and easy identification in bags or pockets. Highly recommended!

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