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A large messenger bag with cycling specific features. 34.5L volume easily fits 13, 15 & 17 inch laptops.

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Sindrome got his name through suffering from middle child sindrome. Yes, he is the poor bag stuck in the middle of the range. Not as cute as his baby brother Papermunky; nor as fully grown as his older brother Elephantitus who has already developed a 2nd shoulder strap. But Sindrome is still fully capable of hauling a serious load; just not as much as his stronger, bigger bro. That being said, Sindrome is popular due to his functional size and full range of cycling features. The girls don't like him much yet - but just you wait.

Commute regularly, yet feel like a part time messenger with the amount of gear you have to haul around? Then the Sindrome messenger bag is built for you. Designed to haul all your daily gear, while still being a manageable size when empty. It's 32.5L volume can fit A3 folders, swallows a carton of Bundy stubbies all with room to spare for a goon sack. The padded strap is also removable so no matter how much you sweat carrying a heavy load, you can still get it smelling fresh as a daisy.

Quick Look:

Sindrome is in stock and ready to ship!
 H: 370mm x W: 420mm at base, 670mm at fold / top x D: 210 mm
Volume: 33L (or two slabs of beer + ice)
 approx. 1.4kg 
Opening: Flap style top opening
iGuide: 13, 15 & 17 inch laptop in front pleated pocket
Material: 1000D Cordura Exterior, 300D Polyester interior, PVC sandwich in the middle

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Sometimes you have to carry a lot of gear to uni, which is where the Sindrome comes into a league of its own. The main compartment tub is sized around A3 folders, complete with two A5 sized pockets on the inside front wall. The biggest pocket on the bag is on the outside front face of the bag, and is pleated which means that no matter how full you fill it, it will not affect your main tub volume. What this also means is if you do pick up a carton of beer on the way home your personal belongings will not be accidentally crushed!

This front pleated pocket is big enough to easily fit two phone books (should you find the need!) and has a shelf pocket for keys and wallet, as well as dedicated pen pockets and a slash pocket for your phone. Our D-lock sleeve is standard which means the D-lock is no longer is inside your main compartment or pocket crushing your valuable personal belongings. Oh, and a secret pocket is standard!

What you can't manage to fit inside the main tub or in the front pleated pocket can easily be strapped down to the bag by using all the clipping points. There are some on the pleated pocket flap which are perfect for poster tubes (use our rigging straps to hold it down), while others lower on the bag mean your blinky light will always be seen. If for some ridiculous reason you feel the need to carry a frame home from the local bike shop, then rest assured the Sindrome clipping points make this possible!

Despite its smaller appearance, you can easily see that the Sindrome messenger bag carries a lot! Even when fully loaded, it is not uncomfortable as a padded and tapered shoulder strap is standard. The taper in the pad means it wont dig uncomfortably into your neck. The main straps themselves have hip and shoulder compression, which allow the bag to expand away from your back when full. No more carrying a lot of gear and feeling like you have a barrel on your back! Needless to say, the bag wont sway across your back as a stabiliser strap is standard.


Outer: 1000D Cordura, a highly abrasion resistant material which will last daily use for multiple years
Liner: 300D weatherproof Polyester, designed to protect the middle layer, and stop things snagging while grabbing on the go
Middle: Reclaimed PVC billboard or truck tarp so your valuable contents always stay dry
Padding: 10mm EVA foam, which won't compress out under even the heaviest of loads! Easily removable and hand washable

Sindrome is Weatherproof

Adrian, 18/01/17
I picked up my bag from the workshop (as always great personalised service form Dave) back in March 2015 to use as my carry-on and ONLY bag for a 4 week Euro trip. It fitted all my clothes, all my riding gear (I did Flanders and Roubaix) and everything else that I needed with ease.

Being able to sling it over my shoulder was such a bonus when checking into new hotels every couple of days. The generous size also made it surprisingly easy to find things - if you're organised it's almost as easy as a suitcase.

I can't recommend this bag highly enough.
Ben Le Mesurier , 29/06/16
I have owned this bag for just under three years now and have been meaning to write up a review for about two years now.
For the get go this bag was mint!! Well-constructed and attractive, but apart from that it has kept up its own, never ever letting me down. I have carry plenty of heavy loads (upwards of 20kg) and many important folios through wind and rain, everything has stayed safe and sound. It is amazing this bag just eats up what every you put into it and somehow still remains comfortable over long periods.
One of the neat things is how weather proof this thing is and how it has a removal shoulder strap which I can clean. Overall I have recommended this product countless time and it has definitely out done any other bag I have owned. It is a nice size not huge but will do almost anything you need it to (shit I have carried a days’ worth of cloths two folios and a full taken down bike with this thing!!). Its durability is pretty amazing as it to just seems to keep on going and going, maybe slight dirtier but just as weather proof as it was when I bought. GREAT BAG, more than worth the money!!
Jake, 13/03/13
Holy Hector-this bag is good. Swallows all my stuff with room to spare, but doesn't feel like a floppy tent on my back-ever. Even when there's a case of tins in there, I'm comfortable and only as top heavy as you'd expect.

What's more, she arrived on my doorstep a day after I ordered. My hat is off to you, BOgear. Many thanks.

PS. Might I add, very nice to get some personal webmail in these days of auto-generated inbox-clogging replies. Stoked on you guys; keep it up.
Nick, 5/03/13
I've been using the bag for quite awhile now, and I have to say, I am impressed! I was very surprised by how spacious it was, fantastic!

First thing that caught my attention was the function of the hip and shoulder compression straps, they were awesome! I love being able to compress the bag when I wasn't carrying too much during a bike ride or just simply going to school. When I first opened the bag, I fell in love with the inner green lining, it just complements the outer black lining. As of right now, I am still trying to get used to the messenger strap, but I am getting the hang of it (your videos have been a great help). I have to say thank you so much for the extra padding! [edit: upgraded back padding installed] The padding truly does add so much comfort for my back, especially with all the gear I carry.

Overall, I am in love with this bag! I am so happy and glad that I chose your messenger bag over my first decision (Chrome). Thank you so much!
Jesse, 25/01/12
The bag is doing swimmingly, literally. I don't think I've ever been rained on, on my motorcycle ever before than in the last 2 months. Bag is completely, utterly dry inside after a 40 minute each way commute in torrential rain. (Think cups of water squeezed out of my gloves)
Will, 4/11/11
I think i've had my Sindrome for about 18 months or so now and along side it's use as my regular Bike bag, it has also been pressed into service as my carry on hauler for flying.

It takes a change of clothes, basic toiletries, a windcheater, a camera carrier (full size dslr with a couple of lenses) a 15" laptop with power pack, adaptors and accessories as well as Ipod and PSP. The hidden pocket does great for carrying travel wallet etc in a convenient secure location. I've also had it stacked with a couple of books and Duty free, provided you pack it right it will fit snugly in overhead or securely under the seat in front of you.

The only thing i'd change about it would be to add a reinforced webbing carry handle across the top of the flap to allow for ease of transport through security and customs inspections, but in saying that it's a freaking bike courier bag not a piece of dedicated travelling luggage so i'll just shut the hell up and stop being a whinger about the handle.

Due to the abuse it's copped being smashed into overhead racks and sweated on during bike use, i'd call it well and truly dirtified but so far not a complaint from me. Even on a longer commute to work with a heavy load for the day i don't find it a problem to shoulder the load, bent over the bars on my roadie. Similarly stacked up with duty free booze and pressies flying half way around the freaking world it sits comfortably and snug against the back, though probably not recommended for rapid transit sprints from one gate to the next in Hong Kong, Singapore or Heathrow (heave it on to a trolley and run behind that, your spine will thank you, especially if you are carrying bottles with corners, like bundy, Glenfiddich or bombay sapphire).

I would happily recommend it to anyone who is going to use it for its intended purpose, anyone who wants a kooky alternative to regular carry on luggage or for anyone who simply wants something sturdy, voluminous , hard wearing and robust to carry a lot of crap.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is prone to shoulder or back problems as a heavy load across one shoulder for a prolonged period might set you off, but for sturdy, brick like individuals such as myself its a great option and a wee bit different from the mainstream.

Great product!
David, 12/10/11
I'm stoked with the sindrome bag I bought a month or two back. It's perfect for my commute and really does carry a carton.

On a trip home from Wallaby Creek Festy, near Cooktown, my sindrome went with me. On the trip home, exhaustion and a hangover set in and the back of the ute was left open when we left camp....the bag, stuffed mainly with dirty clothes but also a MacPro (the metal cased one), was the only thing to go. Off the back and UNDER the 4WD trailer we had behind. We fairly quickly noticed, backtracked and retrieved it. Sindrome was happily waiting in the middle of the Bloomfield track, verrrrrry dusty but otherwise unscathed. Really unscathed - I can't find any permanent damage. None.

Seeing the condition of the bag, I didn't rush to pull out the computer for a geez. This morning I discovered one bent around Mac it'd clearly gone right under the wheels of the trailer. The entire metal casing had been bent around 30deg.

The bag was only closed with velcro, and held it's guts as it went under 3 wheels. The canvas, clips and straps aren't even scratched. Nice work!
Scott C, 1/08/11
Thanks for the bag. It all arrived promptly on the Friday and I've had a couple of weeks of getting to know it - it's a cracker!

The only problem is finding things to fill it out when I carry it! It's huge!

I appreciate your service and prompt delivery very much - all the best with the business.
Dave, 3/04/11
I changed from my (other bag company) bag to my BOgear Sindrome a couple of years ago and the difference it made was huge.

I was able to carry an archive box, still have room to squeeze in about another 4 lawyers briefs and not totally destroy all the other detritus that lives in my work bag on the days where we were given ludicrous amounts to carry (plus an archive on the bars, any ideas for a front rack??). This was all so much more than I had been able to take when using my (other bag company) bag as I was still able to put the top down with the straps fully extended and lash other items to the outside of the bag.

The padding on the mono strap was sufficient that I did not feel like I was carrying rolls of lead with cheese-wire even when FULLY loaded, it was comfortable and could be fitted snugly to my back even when waggling around in peak hour traffic. The waterproofing works superbly as here in the tropics we are subject to many a summer soaking, work does not stop when the sunshine does.

I loved the main straps lengthening/shortening system as I was able to: lengthen, swing bag around, open, remove item, close, swing bag back, shorten, clip back in all in about 3 seconds. The secret pocket has been useful on many occasions and the other pockets are so cavernous that I am finding loose change in them still to this day.

All in all a great product, well done BOgear.
William, 28/11/10
I received the Sindrome today.

I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to fit all my work clothes, spare riding gear, shoes and shower gear as well as my diary, laptop and peripherals.

Not only can I fit all my gear for a days work, I can fit all my clothes for the ENTIRE FREAKING WEEK!! The front pocket swallowed my laptop and still had room for my diary.

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