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Carry your bike on airplanes with this bike travel bag.

Foldable, compact and lightweight yet built for the long haul! Perfect for polo or touring bikes!

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Royd is the most unimaginative nickname ever. Sure he used to be small, pops steroids like they are going out of fashion, and is now a big boy, but really... royd from steroid? You need better friends Royd, with a bigger vocabulary.

Need to travel with your bike but sick of lugging around a useless rigid bike case once at your destination? Royd is for you! He comfortably carries your bike to your final destination, and then once there is foldable, packable, and easily stored or posted back to your original destination.

Quick Look:

Dimensions: H: 750mm x W: 740mm at base, 1070mm at top x D: 180mm
Weight: approx. 1.9kg 
Opening: Clamshell, so you can easily pack your ride
Material: 1000D Cordura Exterior

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Royd is a foldable bike bag designed for those people who want to ride to and from the airport, and don't want the hassle of dealing with taxis, unreliable public transport, oversized bike boxes, and other rigid cases which are virtually impossible to ride with. Royd is foldable, compacts down to about the size of a Yellow Pages directory, is lightweight (just under 2kg), and built to last. It has an interior volume of a metric-shit-tonne which translated comfortably fits road bikes, track bikes, dedicated bike polo rigs, mountain bikes, and even some 29er's. Using Royd you do have to semi-dismantle your bike; but don't worry, instructions are available for the complete novice!

Royd is constructed from 1000D Cordura Nylon, and features 6mm padding around the wheel axles, and on the base. These padded areas also feature pockets to add extra padding and protection if you wish. #10 YKK zipping is used throughout, which will last many a long haul. Zips are protected by a flap to stop the baggage gorillas from "burning" out your zip. Yes "burned" zips can happen, and is not a figment of bag-nerds nightmarish imaginations. Oh, and Royd also comes with its own compressible travel case, complete with clipping webbing so you can sling it to the outside of your pack (or in the front triangle of your bike). You will be surprised at how handy these clips are as nothing sucks more than having to find room in your already overstuffed backpack when you get to your destination.

Includes bike bag, and heavy duty zippered compression storage sack, which is everything you need to travel the world minus your bike and ticket!


Outer: 1000D Cordura, a highly abrasion resistant material meaning Royd and your bike will survive overzealous baggage handlers.
Liner: 6mm padding in key areas, covered by 300D polyester which protects key components on your precious ride.

Black Exterior, Black Webbing, Black Bartack

Chris, 24/10/14
Just wanted to share my experiences with the Royd bag, one night i sprung an idea to personally surprise my brother overseas by building him a bike for his birthday that his talked about and wanted for a while. I ordered the Royd and think its worth every cent. I knew I needed something that would take care of the bike so that it would be immaculate when we arrived in Asia. As you can see in pics at the end, the bike can be easily dirty being all white but when we arrived and I pulled it out to reassemble it, not even a mark was found anywhere and I wasn't too particular with it as well, all i did was stuff the empty space with my clothing. All in all he was very happy about the surprise visit and the bike of course. Well designed and constructed BO Gear.

All of this new goodness:

Went into this in a matter of moments (just followed the video guide they made):

Sophie, 15/10/13
Packed and ready to rock and roll! Your video is awesome, so easy for a first timer... And from someone who works in the costume industry your bags are really well made! Thank you for all your help! Much appreciated
Matthieu, 30/09/13
I've been using all your stuff for about a month now I think and I thought I'd drop you a message to tell you how happy I am with every thing.

The Bike Travel Bag is so cool. My Polo bike (26") fitted in there so easily. When I saw the bag coming out of the plane, I was glad my bike was in there, they ripped the material pretty good, but it is still fine. And the possibility, to strap the bag to another one in that pouch is so practical. Love it.
Matthieu, 16/08/13
Everything looks awesome, I love the idea of the travel bag attaching to the backpack.

I opened it up at 1am when I got home drunk and I wanted to sleep in that bag.

You can tell it is made with a lot of attention and care and I love that.

Thank you so much.
Brenton, 28/03/13
Just wanted to let you know that we got to Tasmania and back with no troubles using the Royd bags!

Had some initial concerns about getting the bikes in there, but as soon as I remembered the whole "put the damn thing in upside" part of the video it was smooth sailing! Using the bag bag to put all your tools/etc. in is a rad idea as well. Probably could have used a couple of clips, but ended up using the straps on the bag to help hold things in.

Used a couple of old hoodies to pad the wheels and stuff - all work perfectly.

Hopefully we'll be using them a lot more in the future!
Ben, 7/12/12
Simply put your bike bag works well. I have great appreciation for things that function as they should. Yes, I like.
Katherine, 15/11/12
I emailed BO Gear with an ‘out of the box request’ – I needed a Royd Bag, I wanted it customized, and I needed it within the week.

My request was met with enthusiasm and an attitude emanating that no request was too big or small. The crew assisted in colour consultation and style ideas making the process effortless and fun. From beginning to end, customer satisfaction was their motivation – one of the crew dropped the bag off the night before to ensure it was safely in hand for my deadline. Needless to say the recipient (my boyfriend) was thrilled to receive an item from BO Gear (I understand they’re something special on the bike scene). In summary - quality, attention to detail, workmanship and customer service of a forgone era.

Well done and thank you BO Gear.

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