Rigging Straps

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Two clips to attach gear to your bag and bike

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Be a boy scout and tie your stuff down good and proper...

Nobody likes things flapping around, smacking you in the face or tangling in passing trees/signs/cars/rabid dogs. Heaven forbid you actually manage to snag something into your own wheels. That would just be embarrasing...


Our rigging straps are constructed from 25mm webbing and buckle combo and are used to hold stuff to other stuff (pretty simple really!). They are particularly useful for holding polo mallets to your frame, or your camera tripod to your bag. Given their small size and usefulness for smaller diameter objects, they are designed not to slip easily. Simple and effective!

The buckles we use are the same on all our bags, so these can be used as mini-extension straps!

Easily adjustable from 30mm to 90mm diameter. Easily opened via a buckle.

These are a set, so you get TWO in total!


Webbing: 25mm Australian made
Buckles: 25mm side release

├ůsa, 4/02/13
I ordered these a while ago (together with the Dumpsac tool roll -- great product!), but today is the first time I use them. So simple, yet so effective!

I use mine to hold my music stand attached under the flap of my messenger bag. Previously the stand would eventually glide off, but by threading these rigging straps through the straps of the messenger bag flap the music stand stays in place as I walk around with my bag!

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