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Customer Reviews:

Wesley, 19th August, 2013:

I recently did the Noosa Strade Bianche – a fantastic but hilly 130km ride for old-school steel road bikes with 40 to 50 km of dirt thrown in for good measure.

All riders were meant to be self-supporting and lots can go wrong riding that much dirt on 1 inch tyres.

Thankfully, although with very short notice on my part, Dave was able to get me a Dumpsac.  It is the best tool roll on the market not just because it looks great on an old-school bike but also because it takes so much gear and fits neatly under the saddle out of the way.  So much better than full jersey pockets, musettes or backpacks.

Thanks BO Gear for awesome service and a brilliant product.

bogear dumpsac tool roll  whats in your bag - tool roll edition

Jared, 5th August, 2013:

Just got back from 2 weeks in New Zealand with the trusty Toad. I skied one week and surfed the next. Flew over carry on with just what I could fit in the bag (ski gear, wetsuit, clothes ect.) it even fitted on a dash 8 from Canberra to Sydney. The bag is seriously awesome! I'm looking forwards to more adventures with it!

chunky toad backpack carry-on  whats in your bag - chunky toad backpack

Harry, 12th September, 2012:

Gorgeous, perfect, amazing, perfect, perfect. So so psyched, this bag looks so so good, thanks so much! The best!!

Luke, 18th October, 2012:

I'll tell ya something for nothing.  You've excelled yourself with this custom swag bag.  It can and will fit some shit in it!  All I have to do is chuck the bag in the ute, pack the esky and then I'm set!

Custom Swag Bag Custom Swag Bag

Brendan, 2nd March, 2012:

Hey Dave,

Was at the bottle-o after just shoving a whole carton into my DUB, had the empy box beside me while clipping down straps another cyclist pulled up to go into the store. Looked at my bag, then the empty box, then back at my bag and asked "You can get the whole carton in there?". "Among other things" was my response. But anyways the question made me think I better let you know.

Soooo........ see attached for proof (sorry for crappy phone photos)

1 case of beer (24x375mm, none of this 330ml bullshit)
Then we have: work shirt, wallet, house keys, spare d-lock key, d-lock, 2 lights, smokes :), earbud protector bag thing and a BO lovehandle (and the love handle houses all tools you can see, 3 Allen keys, pump, boot, tube and spoke key). And as you can see when its closed, dosn't look all that full, I could squeeze a jumper, some shoes all sorts of extra stuff in there.

Anyways onto the water proofness, its ridiculously good. This bag has done about 1000-1500kms of commute with me to date, and in all sorts of weather, and I have only ever ever had water inside once. That one occasion was on a bright sunny day when my Camel Back wasn't closed off enough. About 2kms into my journey I noticed a small wet patch touching my back, pulled over and checked out what was going on...... there was a pool of maybe half a litre of water trapped in the bottom of my bag, ever ever so slowly seeping out :)

dub messenger bag dub messenger bag carton beer What is in your bag

Jeremy, 22nd February, 2012:

Been using my Custom DUB since I received it on the 1st of Jan (Massive thanks to Dave who made it over Christmas and hand delivered it) and it is better than any bag I've had before. The whole thing is sturdy and feels as if I could drop a ton of stuff into it without breaking (cannot report any wear and tear yet), And whats better is that I could drop a ton of stuff in it. It handled all of my school text books, food for the day, school blazer, jumper and my A3 paper tube no problem. The bag looks good in a minimalist kind of way (dual vertical reflective strips add to this) with minimal logo's or advertising on it (only one tiny tag with the company name on it).

It has without doubt served me well where its supposed to, draped across my back as I ride. Whether its empty or full, it sticks to your back like glue and hasn't shifted or swiveled away from me yet. The bag is comfortable to wear if you arrange the contents right and tightens up enough to wrap around your back when it's empty. Loose straps are never long enough to get caught in your bikes inner workings, and if they are an issue they can just be Velcroed to the inside of the bag (one niggling thing, doing this requires you to take the bag off, some more easily accessible Velcro would be welcome). For those carrying A3 paper or larger, have no fear. The D-lock sleeve and front panels have a gap between them that is easily carrying my previously mentioned tube.

Add awesome customer service (Dave!) and you've got yourself a premium product. I would recommend anything BOgear to anyone looking for a reliable, comfortable and spacious bag.

Jesse, 25th January, 2012:

The bag is doing swimmingly, literally. I don't think I've ever been rained on, on my motorcycle ever before than in the last 2 months. Bag is completely, utterly dry inside after a 40 minute each way commute in torrential rain. (Think cups of water squeezed out of my gloves)

Maddy, 12th January, 2012:

Hey guys, just a quick review, so I bought a Chunky Toad about a month ago. It's the best backpack I have ever used. It literally carries everything. I got 2 weeks worth of clothing and touring gear in it no worries, it helps with the shopping too.

The hipbelt carries a lot of the weight; definitely worth getting if you're using this bag to it's full potential. To be honest I find it hard to find stuff to fill it with, as my bag before was literally 1/4 the size of the CT. I'm going backpacking in March, no prizes for guessing what I'm carrying my gear in.

The BOgear dirtify me label is a cute touch, clearly made with a lot of love, and used with equal amounts.

Thanks BOgear!

Jesse, 22nd December, 2011.

I cannot tell you enough how much I adore this bag, it's exactly what I've been looking for! :) All I need to do is hold it in my hands to tell how long it's going to last, the thing oozes quality.

I have to say, your company is hands down the most friendly, efficient and personal I've ever had the pleasure to come across; you ought to be proud of your work.

Glad I chose to go to you instead of buying a pre fab Chrome bag.

Enjoy your holidays!

Mason, 11th November, 2011.

Received the bag on the day expected. Awesome work, I'm amazed at how comfortable it is even when loaded up. I'll be talking it up to all my friends
Thanks again!

Will, 4th October, 2011.

I think I've had my Sindrome for about 18 months or so now and along side it's use as my regular Bike bag, it has also been pressed into service as my carry on hauler for flying.

It takes a change of clothes, basic toiletries, a windcheater, a camera carrier (full size dslr with a couple of lenses) a 15" laptop with power pack, adaptors and accessories as well as Ipod and PSP. The hidden pocket does great for carrying travel wallet etc in a convenient secure location. I've also had it stacked with a couple of books and Duty free, provided you pack it right it will fit snugly in overhead or securely under the seat in front of you.

The only thing i'd change about it would be to add a reinforced webbing carry handle across the top of the flap to allow for ease of transport through security and customs inspections, but in saying that it's a freaking bike courier bag not a piece of dedicated travelling luggage so i'll just shut the hell up and stop being a whinger about the handle.

Due to the abuse it's copped being smashed into overhead racks and sweated on during bike use, i'd call it well and truly dirtified but so far not a complaint from me. Even on a longer commute to work with a heavy load for the day i don't find it a problem to shoulder the load, bent over the bars on my roadie. Similarly stacked up with duty free booze and pressies flying half way around the freaking world it sits comfortably and snug against the back, though probably not recommended for rapid transit sprints from one gate to the next in Hong Kong, Singapore or Heathrow (heave it on to a trolley and run behind that, your spine will thank you, especially if you are carrying bottles with corners, like bundy, Glenfiddich or bombay sapphire).

I would happily recommend it to anyone who is going to use it for its intended purpose, anyone who wants a kooky alternative to regular carry on luggage or for anyone who simply wants something sturdy, voluminous , hard wearing and robust to carry a lot of crap.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is prone to shoulder or back problems as a heavy load across one shoulder for a prolonged period might set you off, but for sturdy, brick like individuals such as myself its a great option and a wee bit different from the mainstream.

Great product!

Matt, 6th April, 2011.

Hey there Dave,
Just wanted to let you know that Chunky Toad and pouches arrived bright and early today. Thank you so much for going the extra effort with the reflective tape, I really appreciate it. That will certainly sort out those crazy car drivers! I can't wait to try this new creation out!!!

BOGear has come a long way, it's been great to see. The builds just get better and better. Nice one!!!
I am PSYCHED about dirtifying this bad boy.

Keep it real dude!

Shane, 21st Feb, 2011.

I wouldn't usually do this but I was so impressed by your product, service and express post delivery I thought it was only right to drop a line and say thanks! One of my pedals actually blew its bearings on my way to work on Friday morning so I was stoked to get home and find the straps had arrived the day after ordering! After using cages for the past couple of years on my fixed gear I don't think I will be going back! The BOgear foot retention feels so much more secure than anything I have used previously.

Thanks again for the quality product and I look forward to dealing with you again.

William, Nov 2010:

I received the Sindrome today.

I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to fit all my work clothes, spare riding gear, shoes and shower gear as well as my diary, laptop and peripherals.

Not only can I fit all my gear for a days work, I can fit all my clothes for the ENTIRE FREAKING WEEK!! The front pocket swallowed my laptop and still had room for my diary.

Brad, 11th Feb, 2010.

Knowing the Elephantitus was in the mail made for a hard day working with my Ortlieb Velocity backpack. I love my Ortlieb but I was getting worried when I had 4 jobs in my bag and one strapped to me around my waist with a bungee cord. Not only that but I had my lock in my Freight Baggage hip pouch and I felt like a cop with too much stuff around my waist. I was day dreaming of the D-lock pocket...

I finally got home, opened the package, and started to play with it. I put it on and threw everything I could find in it and walked all around the house. I got a few laughs because of it but I didn't care.

First day of work with it today and it was so lovely, as big as it is you don't feel it. I put a bunch of stuff in it and you would never know I had anything in there. The stuff that took up half the space in my backpack other days was lost in this bag somewhere for me to find at a later time.

Today I was super happy to have the bag as I ended up having 9 jobs on at once and would not have been able to take all of them yesterday! It was a great feeling to have so much stuff in my bag and not feel it. The bag adjusts so simply that it doesn't take you off your stride. If something is not feeling right you just pull on one strap or let loose another and you can feel the difference right away.

Well done BO Gear!

Dan, 19th May, 2009.

I've been commuting on a variety of bikes for the last 10 years and in that time have gone through probably as many bags! My needs are fairly simple, I need to transport lunch, a clean set of clothes, my laptop, and some tools just in case I get into a mechanical mishap. Dave designed me a Papermunky which is the most comfortable and secure bag I have ever commuted with.

Comfort and security aside though, what I love the most about my bag is the inner lining. Knowing that I was an avid homebrewer, Dave sourced an old Coopers homebrew billboard to use as the inner lining. Tell me any other company that has that kind of relationship with its customer?

As far as transporting the laptop I am very concerned about drop protection and prevention of water intrusion. Having dropped the bag a few times already I can tell you it has protected the contents well (although I wouldn't recommend testing it on purpose!), and just this morning I had to ride through some of the most solid rain I've ridden to get to the office and not a single drop made it inside the bag.

I currently ride a fixed gear bike which means I get some pretty fast cadence down the hills on my way to work. This kind of riding tended to try to make my other courier-style bags migrate from my back to my front. My new bag hasn't shifted position on me yet, regardless of light or heavy loads, thanks to the good strap positioning. Also, with a heavy load I find it doesn't try to pull my shoulders back like double strap style backpacks as the weight is distributed evenly across my chest.

In short, I don't think you could find a better supported product, of such high quality, at such a low price anywhere. The added bonus is that Dave does all of this with recycled materials as well. Thanks for my bag Dave, I love it!

Woody, 1st June, 2009.

I recently returned to Scotland with the Elephantitus bag and a box with my bike in it. Needless to say, I had a lot of stuff in that bag, however, using the vertical and horizontal compression straps the bag managed my belongings easily and was comfortable enough to carry about given the 12-15kg I was carrying.

Now back in the saddle and running a freelance illustration business I courier my drawings all over Edinburgh, the bag can carry a full length drawing tube thanks to the handy straps (I’m sure if I had anticipated using my tube everyday Dave would have devised some slick detailing somewhere), an A3 portfolio, laptop, cables, pens, polo stick, toolkit, some Gear Brisbane stickers etc all safe in the knowledge that the Scottish weather will not get in. I recently rode to a party after work with all of the above and a box of 18 beers!

I get asked a lot where I got my bag, and I’m proud to say it’s a BO Gear design and made by a member of fixed bike community out of recycled materials. Stoked with the bag Dave, it still looks new and I’m abusing it everyday. I look forward to see what’s next.

Dan of ShifterBikes, 13th October, 2009.

I've been running a pre-production prototype pair (of FRS Strap Ons) for a month or so, and really liked them, but the new refined production versions are even better.

After coming off a set-up of MKS Royal Nuevos, RH+O 4 gate plastic clips and Toshi double straps, it did take a few days to really get into the feel of the Strap-Ons and Odyssey Twisted pedals, but once I got used to the new feeling, I wouldn't go back. At all. For a start, the pedal platform is so much larger, and you don't get that sole biting, foot hurting hot spot from the back cage of the pedal, and secondly, they give much more support to the top of your foot - even compared to 4 gate clips and Toshi doubles.

I think the only draw back of a system like this is that it might not match the aesthetic of every bike - they would look kind of weird on a NJS spec bike for example, but for most street bikes they are definitely the go.

Ed, 28th October, 2009.

Dave, I rode to uni today. It poured. Inside I had my laptop along with other electronic gadgets. On my pedals were FRS Straps. I am still alive. And my laptop did not get wet.

I love you man.

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