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With the majority of sewn products now manufactured overseas, there is a disconnect between a final product and the original product idea germination, let alone an understanding about the manufacturing process in the middle.  Designers themselves can design for a process or manufacturing technique without having ever seen the machine "in real life", or even having done the process themselves.  We dare to be different.  Our designers are not just "ideas" people, they also go out and test the product, as well as give the manufacturing process a go.  While their results may not be as quick or as accurate (heck we only use them for the sample phase!) at least they have an inherent understanding of the physical manufacture process!

So perhaps this page should be called "How BOgear stuff is made", but even then it wouldn't capture the entire process.  So instead this page is dedicated to our ideas and musings from original product idea, through to designing, sampling, testing, manufacture, and final product use.  So go on, take a poke around, and discover exactly what goes in to a BOgear product!

This is a continuous work in progress, so please keep checking back regularly for updates!

Case Studies: Environmental Considerations

1. Giving back to the environment 
2. Reclaimed buckles vs. Virgin buckles
3. How do you calculate your reclaimed percentage?
4. Reclaimed seatbelts vs. Virgin webbing? 
5. How do you decide on virgin vs. reclaimed material? 
6. Turning billboards (and truck tarps) in to bags 

Case Studies: Material Choices

1. Outer fabric choices
2. Billboard lining degradation and why we are now lining our bags with nylon
3. Thread weight

Case Studies: Manufacture

1. Cutting fabric and webbing for custom and off the shelf bags
2. Manufacturing scraps and what can be done about it
3. Weird machines of BOgear
4. What is a bartack, and what is this binding tape you speak of? Stop confusing me..! 

Case Studies: Design

1. Pleated internal pocket on our larger backpacks
2. External pleated pocket
3. Velcro webbing ends
4. Removable hip belt
5. Shoulder strap design 
6. Shoulder and hip compression, and how to use it.
7. Keeping your Chunky Toad manageable
8. D-lock pockets, and how to use them
9. Flappers, and how to use them

Case Studies: How to lessons

1. How to attach the Cellblock pouches to your bag or belt
2. How to pack your messenger bag for a comfortable carry
3. How to pack your bike bag 
4. Nine tips to reach bike packing guru status 


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