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A ridiculously large messenger bag for heavy duty use. 51L volume fits archive boxes and A3 folders.

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Being almost identical to his younger brother Sindrome, Elephantitus got his name due to his ability to carry way more gear. He took steroids to do it (dont let his mum know), but look at him now... he's massive. With a removable second shoulder strap, the Elephantitus is one tough dude. You wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley...

Elephantitus is designed and built with the professional messenger in mind. Able to fit A3 folders, archive boxes and poster tubes, the Elephantitus is a ridiculously big messenger bag. If you want to talk volume in terms of alcohol, the Elephantitus will be able to carry more than enough Bundy for an open house party; fourty one 700ml bottles to be exact, which is roughly 51L of internal volume. Our abuser-team testers assure us messengers need such a big size, but be warned it may be too big for some people.

Quick Look:

Dimensions: H: 420mm x W: 400mm at base, 700mm at fold / top x D: 310 mm
Volume: 51L (or three slabs of beer + ice; or 2x Archive boxes)
 approx. 2kg 
Opening: Flap style top opening
iGuide: 13, 15 & 17 inch laptop in front pleated pocket.
Material: 1000D Cordura Exterior, 300D Polyester interior, PVC sandwiched in the middle

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Despite what people may tell you, size really does matter when you get paid per job. Which is why we made certain that an Archive Box slots neatly inside. A second box can be placed on top, still protected by the large weatherproof flap. Carrying such weight and bulk is made possible by an easily removable secondary shoulder strap, which evens the weight across both shoulders. Empty or fully loaded, the bag wont sway as a stabiliser strap is standard. Base, hip and shoulder compression means that carrying these boxes won't feel like you are wearing a barrel across your back. These same straps cinch the bag down to a manageable size when empty so you don't feel like you are wearing a cape.

Internally the bag tub is clean with no pockets so nothing snags and slows you down when inserting or removing objects; time after all is money. But rest assured you will find more than enough pockets on the outside of the bag. The pleated pocket in particular is big enough to fit two phone books, while a shelf pocket inside this is perfect for stashing wallet, phone and sunglasses. On the outside of this pocket are pen pockets and a slash pocket big enough to place extension straps. Oh, and there is a dedicated drink bottle pocket, as well as our standard D-lock pocket. Secret pocket comes standard, and is big enough to fit a passport.

Lashing boxes and awkward shaped items to the bag is made easy by multiple clipping points across the bag. You can also use these clipping points to hang add-on pouches, or the occasional poster tube. Blinky lights can be attached to the main flap, while all strap padding is removable and washable to reduce eau-de-courier. Left or right handed? It doesn't matter as the main straps are also removable and reversible!


Outer: 1000D Cordura, a highly abrasion resistant material which will last daily use for multiple years.
Liner: 300D Polyester, abrasion resistant, providing a smoth surface for continuous professional use
Middle: Reclaimed PVC billboard or truck tarp so your contents always stay dry.
Padding: 10mm EVA foam, which won't compress out under even the heaviest of loads! Easily removable and hand washable

Elephantitus is Weatherproof

Joe, 13/11/13
Use it for my commute to uni and to carry the shopping and my laptop and my change of clothes and my textbooks and my lunch and my bikelock.

I have even used it to transport 5 board games with little damage to a friend's house for a game night.

Gear never gets wet, no matter the load you can fit it comfortably and spread the weight evenly. Also attracts lots of admiration from friends and colleagues.

Highly recommended
Declan, 29/06/12
Four days in the rain - not one wet job. I heart BOgear
Chris, 9/03/11
I would like to open this message with holy shit you're amazing!

I got home today to discover a medium sized package sitting at my doorstep, I saw it was from BO and got a little excited yet a little disappointed at the size, but then I opened the packaging and tore through the paper to find this perfect bag, that just kept folding out and folding out even further and getting larger and larger until BOOM the exact bag I have been searching for! I don't think anyone could have done a better job on it, and the plastic pocket with the BO sewn in the back ground is perfect!

Thanks very much Dave you've made my year already and its only March! haha!
Brad, 11/02/10
Knowing the Elephantitus was in the mail made for a hard day working with my Ortlieb Velocity backpack. I love my Ortlieb but I was getting worried when I had 4 jobs in my bag and one strapped to me around my waist with a bungee cord. Not only that but I had my lock in my Freight Baggage hip pouch and I felt like a cop with too much stuff around my waist. I was day dreaming of the D-lock pocket...

I finally got home, opened the package, and started to play with it. I put it on and threw everything I could find in it and walked all around the house. I got a few laughs because of it but I didn't care.

First day of work with it today and it was so lovely, as big as it is you don't feel it. I put a bunch of stuff in it and you would never know I had anything in there. The stuff that took up half the space in my backpack other days was lost in this bag somewhere for me to find at a later time.

Today I was super happy to have the bag as I ended up having 9 jobs on at once and would not have been able to take all of them yesterday! It was a great feeling to have so much stuff in my bag and not feel it. The bag adjusts so simply that it doesn't take you off your stride. If something is not feeling right you just pull on one strap or let loose another and you can feel the difference right away.

Well done BO Gear!

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Custom Elephantitus Messenger Bag

Custom Elephantitus Messenger Bag

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