Featured: Source 3L military spec water / hydration bladder. 240 days filled with water and NO mould!

  • Rainbow of Paracord

    Paracord Zip Pulls

    Upgrade your backpack zip pulls. Makes for a smoother pull. Now with 100% less jangle!

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  • New BOgear Supporter Decal

    Supporter Decal

    Supporter Decal: 100mm x 45mm in White. Slap it on stuff to show your support for your favourite Bag Envy Enabling brand!

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  • EDC Pouch

    EDC Pouch

    A zippered lay flat clamshell pouch on Organisational Steroids. Perfect for EDC or Digital Nomads

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  • Bag organiser flip board

    Flip Board Organiser

    Our Flip Board Organiser. Designed for Medics, useful for everyone!

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  • Simple Sally

    Simple Sally

    A small zippered case whose use is only limited by your imagination: pencil case, ride essentials case, mini first-aid...

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  • Trobble Shoe and clothes organiser

    Trobble Sack

    Travel a lot? Need to sort your clothes from your shoes? These Trobble Sacks are the ticket; Breathable and lightweight

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  • Outdoor Morale Patch FITYMI

    FITYMI Series Patches

    "Fake It Till You Make It" series of patches. Limited Edition

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  • Backpack Hip Belt Lite

    Backpack Hip Belt Lite

    A light weight version of our super popular hip belt. Stop your backpack shifting on your back.

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  • removable sternum strap

    Backpack Sternum Strap

    A simple comfort upgrade for our backpacks. Joins your shoulder straps to reduce fatigue

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  • cycling jersey pouch

    Jersey Pocket Pouch

    Need somewhere safe to stash your phone/wallet/keys while riding? Our Jersey Pocket Pouch also doubles as a low profile Saddle Bag!

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  • Nylon Shrap-Sac

    Nylon Shrap-Sac

    A small nylon pouch crafted from cutting room floor scrap.

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  • Small Things Bundle

    Small Things Bundle

    Do you have a big bag with lots of loose little things inside? Well this bundle is for you

    Bundle includes: 3x Shrapsac, and a keyring

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  • Support Guide Dogs Queensland

    Support Guide Dogs Queensland

    Support our community fund. Give $1 to our Community Fund and we will match it to the dollar!

    We are currently supporting Guide Dogs Queensland.

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  • Cellblock M

    Cellblock M

    A 2.6L pouch for storing, or carrying your kit. Stuff it or strap it to your bag, or wear on your hip.

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  • Cellblock L

    Cellblock L

    A large pouch for packing clothes, or carrying bike bags. 4.7L volume fits iPads, 13 inch laptops, or A4 folders.

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  • colourful bike polo straps

    Rigging Straps

    Two clips to attach gear to your bag and bike

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  • Keyring


    A keyring, perfect twirling around your finger size!

    33% reclaimed content

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  • Backpack Hip Belt

    Backpack Hip Belt

    Probably the best upgrade for our backpacks! Carry more weight and bulk more comfortably!

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  • Reclaimed Tool Roll

    Reclaimed Tool Roll

    A simple, compartmentalised tool roll for when shit hits the fan

    95% reclaimed content

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  • Dumpsac Tool Roll

    Dumpsac Tool Roll

    Our simple take on a classic Mechanics Tool Roll. Simply the last tool roll you will ever buy.

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