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Packs + Gear

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  • Trobble Sack

    Trobble Sack

    Travel a lot? Need to sort your clothes from your shoes? These Trobble Sacks are the ticket; Breathable and lightweight

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  • Logo Tee

    Logo Tee

    Our longer BOgear logo printed on the perfect soft cotton tee

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  • BOgear Gift Cards

    Gift Card

    Got a loved one who suffers from Bag Envy? This is the only known cure.

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  • Donkey Messenger Bag

    Donkey Messenger Bag

    The smallest messenger bag in our Pro-Series lineup. 18L volume punches above its weight. Easily fits 13 & 15 inch laptops.

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  • Simple Sally

    Simple Sally

    A small zippered case whose use is only limited by your imagination: pencil case, ride essentials case, mini first-aid...

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  • Outdoor Morale Patch FITYMI

    FITYMI Series Patches

    "Fake It Till You Make It" series of patches. Limited Edition

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  • Supporter Patches

    Supporter Patches

    Represent BOgear with pride. Two supporter sew on patches; one long logo, one short logo.

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  • Black BullPup 18L Pack

    BullPup Backpack

    18L of awesomesauce*, this pack is perfect for almost any weekend adventure. Small but damn tough.
    *pack does not contain any sauce.

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  • Stealth black Spare Camel backpack

    Spare Camel Backpack

    Our best commuter or travel backpack. 30L volume easily fits a weeks worth of clothes. Legal carry on size!

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  • 32.5L Large Messenger Bag

    Sindrome Messenger Bag

    A large messenger bag with cycling specific features. 34.5L volume easily fits 13, 15 & 17 inch laptops.

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  • Elephantitus Pro-courier bag in Multicam

    Elephantitus Messenger Bag

    A ridiculously large messenger bag for heavy duty use. 51L volume fits archive boxes and A3 folders.

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  • Black shrinkage backpack

    Shrinkage Backpack

    A medium flap style backpack. 26L volume fits 13, 15 & 17 inch laptops.

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  • 42L Black messenger flap backpack

    Chunky Toad Backpack

    A medium to large flap style backpack. 42L volume fits 13, 15 & 17 inch laptops.

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  • cycling jersey pouch

    Jersey Pocket Pouch

    Need somewhere safe to stash your phone/wallet/keys while riding? Our Jersey Pocket Pouch also doubles as a low profile Saddle Bag!

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  • Dufflay Duffle Bag

    Dufflay Duffle Bag

    Our duffle bag, built for daily dirtification. 25.2L volume fits all your muddy gear, or 13 inch laptops and A4 uni books.

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  • flexible bike travel bag navy

    Royd Bike Bag

    Carry your bike on airplanes with this bike travel bag.

    Foldable, compact and lightweight yet built for the long haul! Perfect for polo or touring bikes!

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  • Rainbow of Paracord

    Paracord Zip Pulls

    Upgrade your backpack zip pulls. Makes for a smoother pull. Now with 100% less jangle!

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  • Reclaimed Tool Roll

    Reclaimed Tool Roll

    A simple, compartmentalised tool roll for when shit hits the fan

    95% reclaimed content

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  • colourful bike polo straps

    Rigging Straps

    Two clips to attach gear to your bag and bike

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  • Dumpsac Tool Roll

    Dumpsac Tool Roll

    A simple roll top pouch, easily strapped to your bike

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  • Backpack Hip Belt

    Backpack Hip Belt

    Probably the best upgrade for our backpacks! Carry more weight and bulk more comfortably!

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  • Keyring


    A keyring, perfect twirling around your finger size!

    33% reclaimed content

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  • removable sternum strap

    Backpack Sternum Strap

    A simple comfort upgrade for our backpacks. Joins your shoulder straps to reduce fatigue

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  • Backpack Hip Belt Lite

    Backpack Hip Belt Lite

    A light weight version of our super popular hip belt. Stop your backpack shifting on your back.

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  • Fixed Gear Foot Straps

    FRS Strap Ons

    Duct tape yourself to your pedals, without the need for duct tape!

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  • Nylon Shrap-Sac

    Nylon Shrap-Sac

    A small nylon pouch crafted from cutting room floor scrap.

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  • Small Things Bundle

    Small Things Bundle

    Do you have a big bag with lots of loose little things inside? Well this bundle is for you

    Bundle includes: 3x Shrapsac, and a keyring

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  • two coin pouches and two tough packing cells

    OCD Organiser Bundle

    This bundle was "engineered" with the Dufflay in mind. Encourages organisation in an otherwise black hole.

    Bundle includes: 2x Cellblock M, 2x Shrapsac

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  • Cellblock L

    Cellblock L

    A large pouch for packing clothes, or carrying bike bags. 4.7L volume fits iPads, 13 inch laptops, or A4 folders.

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  • Cellblock M

    Cellblock M

    A 2.6L pouch for storing, or carrying your kit. Stuff it or strap it to your bag, or wear on your hip.

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