Nylon Shrap-Sac

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A small nylon pouch crafted from cutting room floor scrap.

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Shrapnel is what we lovingly call those noisy and heavy coins which somehow manage to accumulate and multiply like rabbits in your pocket. This little sack is how we like to deal with it! Shrap-sac... logic name choice right?

Although conceived as a coin pouch, people also use these for storing keys, earbud headphones, condoms, individually wrapped lollies and chainring bolts for your bike... although not at the same time, because that would be weird! Sealed at the top via hook & loop so nothing accidentally falls out!


Our shrap-sacs are made from scrap offcuts during our bag manufacture. This scrap is gently plucked from the floor, dusted down with a fine lint cloth, and lovingly caressed into the form of a coin pouch while classical music plays in the background. Okay maybe not all of that, but the shrap-sac definitely is made from scrap bag manufacture material!

Shrap-sac measures approximately 70mm x 100mm, and are closed using hook and loop


Outer: Reclaimed 1000D Cordura from the cutting room floor, the same highly abrasion resistant material used in our bags
OR, reclaimed HD Mesh for keeping your gear airy-fresh!  
Sealed using hook & loop

K, 17/10/16
I grabbed 2 of these in a bundle with the Jersey Pocket Pouch. They are so damn handy, I can't see why any cyclist would go without them. Just that little extra security when you throw a credit card or house keys in your jersey pockets. Always have a spare one in my backpack to keep control of loose coins. Such a simple handy thing- crazy.
Damion, 9/07/16
Believe it or not, out of all my gear, the pieces I currently use the most are the Shrap-Sacs; I always have at least one with me (usually the mesh one) regardless of whether or not I have my backpack. They may be small, but to me their usefulness is huge!!
Phil L, 20/02/15
Coins are really stupid things. I hate them with a passion. No mens wallets have coin pouches anymore either!

So I bought one of these. It holds all my coins really well. No accidental coin spillages and I can always find it.

You could probably keep other things in it too, if you wanted...
├ůsa, 4/02/13
I got two of these (one is bright orange, which is awesome in the depth and darkness of my Dumpsac tool roll -- easy to find!), but i think i might order some more. Very useful little things!

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