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A keyring, perfect twirling around your finger size!

33% reclaimed content

They um... hold your keys!

Not much to say about these; they are after all just a keyring!


These keyrings are a simple loop of reclaimed 20mm webbing, completed with a split ring at the end. Small and compact, they are the perfect length for twirling around your finger.


Webbing: Reclaimed grey 20mm Polyester
Split/keyring: 30mm keyring

Minimum 33% reclaimed content

├ůsa, 6/03/14
This little baby (together with the Flapper Mini reflective strips) won me a Spare Camel backpack. :D

The reason I wanted it (the key ring) was to stop ruining the belt loops on my pants where I hang off my keys. Now I simply loop this key ring through my belt, and hang my keys with a carabiner off this key ring. Works a treat!

N.B. It's a narrow key ring (really only sized to twirl around a finger), so the belt has to be one of those very thin belts that are now sold with every second female pants.

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