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Need somewhere safe to stash your phone/wallet/keys while riding? Our Jersey Pocket Pouch also doubles as a low profile Saddle Bag!

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Fact: Sweat kills more cyclist phones than glass does inner tubes
Real Fact: We just made that up.


Do you ride with your phone in a ziploc bag? Fear that sweat or even a chance of meatballs rain will kill your valuable iBrain? Fear not, our Jersey Pocket Pouch is built to outlast ziploc bags ten fold, as well provide that peace of mind from the occasional burst of moisture! 

Quick Look:

Dimensions: H: 180mm x W: 60mm x D: 50mm
Opening: Centre zip opening, behind the reflective tape
iGuide: Up to iPhone 6 (not 6+), Galaxy S5, HTC 1
Use: Strap under your seat, in your cycling jersey, or on your shoulder strap
 1000D Cordura Exterior, 300D Polyester Liner
Highly Weather Resistant!


Our Jersey Pouch is designed to be strapped under your saddle, or stashed in your cycling jersey pocket. Constructed from one layer of weatherproof fabric and one layer of 1000D Nylon, results in a pouch which is ultra durable and weather resistant for the off chance it rains. Heck, this is the same material used in all our bags, and the same material used in high-end rain jackets. Cleverly designed, the pouch features a pleated "fold" construction. What this means is despite its svelte size it can expand to fit phones, wallets, keys, or patch repair kits, tubes and tyre levers.

The pouch comes with two VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® strips, which enable you to create a slimline seat bag. These ONE-WRAP® strips can also be removed so you can put it in your cycling jersey. On the exterior of the pouch is a strip of reflective tape to help you be seen at night.

Or use the VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® strips to attach to your backpack shoulder strap. Doubles as an easy access weatherproof pouch for your phone.

Comfortably fits iPhones, including the new iPhone 6 (does not fit iPhone 6 plus)


Outer: 1000D Cordura; the same super tough material all our bags are made from!
Liner: 300D weatherproof Polyester. This will easily keep your pouch dry during most activites.


VELCRO® and ONE-WRAP® are registered trademarks of Velcro BVBA, used with permission

K, 17/10/16
Purchased a Jersey Pocket Pouch to use as my saddle bag simply because everything else on the market is ugly and sticks out like dogs b***s.

Holy shit. This bag is tops. Way better than I expected.

Because Im vertically challenged I didnt have a lot of room to play with on the seat post on my bike. This bag sits really high up underneath the saddle and is barely noticable. It's not slathered in corny logos or brand names and has a sweet reflective on the back.

It fits everything I had previously in an ugly tool bottle including tubes, multitool,CO2, cash and an ID card (Thank you NSW government...). Also I was lucky enough to have my bag lined in purple to make it easier to find the stuff above.

Anyway, its Aussie made, tough, simple and looks good. Just buy it.

More than enough reason to support BO Gear when their stuff is this good.

Cheers guys.
Patrick, 14/10/15
I've tried about every jersey pouch I could find on the market... and they've all failed somehow. They were either not spacious enough or too short and way too wide. When a visitor from Australia showed me Jersey Pocket Pouch, I had to get one. Once it arrived, I filled it with all my essentials for a long distance road ride. Everything (e.g., levers, tube, mulit-tool, first aid kit, energy snack, credit card, lip balm) fit without any hiccups. And... I still had room for more. Once filled, it slides in and out of jersey pocket with ease! On top of that... it's beautifully crafted from all the right materials. Two thumbs up!

My thoughts… best jersey pouch in the world! I had to retire all my others (Blackburn, Lezyne, Rapha, etc.) jersey pouches because of yours!
Alan, 26/06/15
This thing does what it says. I use it when I go for a run with my dog and it holds my phone, keys (and occasionally wallet when necessary). It keeps the sweat and rain out and has a reflective strip which will be great if I ever use it as a bicycle saddle post.
Åsa, 7/05/15
I use my jersey pouches to carry electronics such as cables that I don't want tangled or wet.

Really handy for that too as the pocket pleats out to give room for more than a flat smartphone.

I've also uses the JPP strapped to my backpack straps to keep my wallet and coin purse close at hand (both fit in one JPP).

The reflective strip is an added bonus as it gives reflectivity also at the front of the back when the pouch is carried on the straps.
Tim, 9/04/15
You call it a jersey pouch, but mine spends most of its time as a saddle bag. It is super easy to attach and sits up really high and slimline. I love it as my sprinters thighs dont rub on it.
Lawson, 31/03/15
Loving the Jersey Pouch as a saddle bag, and that’s saying a lot as I’m not a fan of saddle bags. I love the way to straps up nice and high for a clean look.
Bike Tragic from Sydney, 29/01/15
The Jersey Pocket pouch is the best bit of kit I have ever bought – I have one strapped to the bike as a “saddle” bag and the other goes in the back pocket. They are the best ever “saddle bag” – I have bought other expensive units that are just crap. This puppy holds 2 tubes, levers, gas pump, gas, mini tool, patch kit- and there is still more room – and then it straps up tight to the seat post and under the seat.
Nick, 20/07/14
Everything arrived today and looks amazing - the jersey pouch is just what I needed as a small frame bag on my dual suspension bike and the internal pockets on the medium cellblock are a nice surprise. Speaking of nice surprises the shrapsac and keyring certainly were as well and have already been put to good use :)

Thanks again for such great looking gear - Now to get organised and hopefully have a few less “why is my bag so heavy today” moments!
Åsa, 6/03/14
Originally I used this a seat bag on my racer bike, but then I went travelling with some electronic gadgets that I wanted to protect, so I stoved them into this pouch. The pouch has a liner made from the same material as rain jackets, so will keep my electronics dry. Neat!

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