Help me! How do I do....??

Unsure what that thingy does, or which doodad goes where, or how to correctly install X onto Y without doing Z? Fear not, we are here to help! Just because you bought something online, does not mean that you won't get the education and instruction to go with it. So young whippersnapper, have a look below to see which products you have, click the link and read up on how to get more out of your BOgear kit! Learnimification here we come!

Oh, and if there is something that is not listed here, don't hesitate to let us know so we can help you out! Contact us here.

Messenger Bags

Lovehandle Hip Pouch Help  Babycandy Messenger Bag Help  Papermunky Messenger Bag Help

DUB Messenger Bag Help  Sindrome Messenger Bag Help  Elephantitus Messenger Bag Help


Padded Shoulder Strap Upgrade


Skwirt Flap Backpack  Shrinkage Flap Backpack Chunky Toad Flap Backpack

Spare Camel Travel Backpack Backpack Hipbelt Upgrade



Royd Bike Travel Bag  Cellblock M and L pouch  Spare Camel Travel Backpack

Dufflay-Oh, Duffle Bag


Bike Gear

FRS Bike Foot Straps Beernutt top tube protector and stubby coozie


Flapper Mini Safety Device Dumpsac Tool Roll Backpack Hipbelt Upgrade

Padded Shoulder Strap UpgradeCellblock M and L pouch

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