Green is the new black. Most businesses are exploiting this through the use of "green washing". Instead of flaunting it like Paris in a porno, we aim to educate our customers so they can make an informed decision. We thoroughly believe that education is the key to improving our world, and as such aim to be transparent; showing customers why we do things a certain way, and teaching that there is indeed a different and perhaps better way. 

What is Green, and what does it mean to BOgear?

Green to us here at BOgear is more than introducing a product which uses some recycled material. Instead, to us green means analysing a product from initial design through to final consumer "throw-away" point, and ensuring it does little harm as possible to the environment. In addition focussing on using "scrap" as much as possible through products such as our WTF line helps limit waste entering landfill. However an individual green product alone is not enough; instead it requires this same belief to flow through an entire range of products, processes such as how the product is delivered and packaged, as well as systems such as how the product is made. In a nutshell it requires a strong business being green to the core, rather than focussing on product alone.

Is being Green enough?

Unfortunately though, even being green is not enough. Business and consuming products is inherently not green; to butcher Newtons law, in every action such as creating a product, there is an equal and opposite reaction such as creating waste. And no, we are not trying to bash you over the head to make you feel guilty, but rather point out that no matter how green we try to be, even BOgear will be bad for the environment.  Which is why we do not stop at our business alone, and instead try to help out other causes which can do good for the environment.  We do this through donating to environmental organisations. From December 2010 through December 2015 we were a member of One Percent For The Planet, and donated $2925 to environmental organisations such as Australian Conservation Foundation.

Anything else?

Why yes! Our studio is also run on certified 100% Green Energy. This means all our designs, samples, prototypes and production is all made using carbon neutral electricity!

I want to know more!

Well then head to our case studies page, and check out our green studies!

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