FITYMI Series Patches

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"Fake It Till You Make It" series of patches. Limited Edition
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Someone famous once said "Fake It Till You Make It". If you know who that famous someone is, could you let us know??

Merit Badges are a mark of pride for Scouts. They are badges that are earned. Be it from knowing how to start a fire, pitch a tent, wash 300 dishes blindfolded, or climb a tree with one arm behind your back. (Yeah, we made those last two up, but gosh darn it I would love to earn one of those patches). This series of patches is a subtle, yet tongue in cheek nod to those earned patches. Only these you don't have to earn. 'Cause FITYMI baby! (pron. "Fit-Tee-Me")


Lets be honest, these are patches. They aren't some form of rocket science or whiz bang amazing piece of gear. So there isn't much we can wax on lyrically about with these. But we will anyway, because... well, we can. So lets see... You could use them to patch holes in your bag, or cover dirty marks accumulated over years of Dirtification. But most likely you will just rep these patches with pride. 'Cause they are bright, and irreverent, and you are too.

This is a little nod to those bike riders out there. Basically anyone who likes to get anywhere under their own steam using two wheels. Just because you can't earn a King Of the Mountain on Strava, doesn't mean you don't deserve one in our eyes. Go on, FITYMI with this patch.

Morning Wood
This patch is dedicated to those out there who feel the need to cut down a hard wood tree early in the morning. Because sometimes it is best to sharpen your axe first thing in the morning. If you haven't felled your first tree yet - don't worry; FITYMI.

Stray Tent
If you haven't slept a night in a tent, you haven't lived. Honest. Once you get past the bugs and the sand, the hot beer and partially cooked dehydrated meals, the people who snore, or the people who get up too early and make way too much noise in the morning, there is a lot to enjoy about sleeping in a tent. You are outdoors and at one with nature. You can see the stars, and smell the camp fire. There are the jokes, the shared camaraderie, and all the electronics in your life being switched off. Aaahhh, sweet sweet nostalgia! If you haven't slept a night in a stray tent, dont stress. At least you can still FITYMI!

Our FITYMI Patches are available individually or as the whole set at a bundled price. Iron on backing comes standard, or we can add Hook backing to them for you. While the iron on backing comes standard, we DO NOT recommend ironing these onto ANY of our gear. Irons and Cordura does not mix well. They fight and someone will end up in tears. Most likely you. That being said, this iron on backing IS useful if you plan to attach them to natural fibre bags such as cotton. Simply place the patch in the location you would like to attach it, put a piece of cotton fabric over the top (stops the thread burning), and then iron at a moderately high heat for 10 - 15 seconds. Allow to cool and then check adhesion. If needed, repeat. 


Made in USA. Hook backing added in Australia

These are micro-patches, measuring 55mm tall. Comfortably fits on our Patch Panel.

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