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A zippered lay flat clamshell pouch on Organisational Steroids. Perfect for EDC or Digital Nomads

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A zippered lay flat clamshell pouch, like our CellBlock M but on Organisational Steroids! This has been extensively tested by EDC nuts, as well as Dave our resident "digital nomad" who travels back and forth from NT to QLD.

Our EDC Pouch is a similar size to our CellBlock M, but opens up flat for sorting and organising your Digital Nomad or Every Day Carry items. Stacked elastic loops, slip pockets, zippered pockets and mesh pockets. More organisation and sorting than you can poke a stick at. We really should have called this the OCD pouch...

Quick Look:

EDC Pouch is pre-order, and will ship in 14 days!
 H: 165mm x W: 230mm x D: 80mm
Volume: approx. 3L (or 4 cans of beer)
Weight: approx. 120g 
Opening: Clamshell, lay flat design
iGuide: iPad Mini / Pod / iPhone, A5 notebook. 
Material: 500D Cordura Exterior, Mesh internal pocket
Water Resistant


We joked earlier about this being a pouch on Organisational Steriods. Thing is, it isn't really a joke. Although small, this pouch packs a punch in the organisational stakes. Perfect for holding all your EDC items, or Digital Nomad gear. It has the ability to carry 2TB Portable hard drives, through to pens, and everything in between including A5 notebooks, BIC lighters, cables and multi-tools. If you carry it, chances are this pouch can organise it for you.

Starting from the outside of the pouch, on the front exterior is a slip pocket sized to fit A5 notes and papers. This is sealed by a #5 YKK zip so nothing will fall out accidentally. This pocket is quick access, meaning you don't have to open up the main section of your pouch to grab items. The zips are the same used on the inside of all our zippered backpacks and to date we have not had an issue. Overkill? Perhaps. Personally we prefer the word "perfect".

Continuing on with the zip theme, two #5 YKK pulls allow the pouch to be opened up flat ensuring easy access to all items. On the back interior wall is a pleated mesh pocket sealed by yet another #5 YKK zip. This style of pocket was adapted from our Spare Camel Backpack mesh pockets, and thanks to the pleated design expands out to hold a tonne of gear. Perfect for cables or smaller Shrapsac pouches (for even more micro-organising) the mesh ensures you can always see what is inside the pocket. This mesh is super tough, used on military chest rigs, and will be able to withstand the rigours of your daily life.

On the front interior wall is a slip pocket. This is large enough to stash A5 notebooks behind, or folded A4 notes. On top of this slip pocket is where the magic really happens. Two lines of elastic loop, one 25mm in width, the other 40mm in width are stacked on top of each other and stitched to run horizontally across the slip pocket. This stacked elastic is then stitched with varying dimensions, ensuring you can carry almost anything as small as a pen through to a standard sized portable usb-powered hard drive. The stretchy nature of this elastic allows the pockets to expand holding "lumpy" or differently shaped items. The elastic also provides firm pressure ensuring nothing shifts or moves during transport. Trust me, if you are a Digital Nomad, the last thing you want is your portable hard drive accidentally tumbling out of your pouch! Oh, and the "stacked" nature of the elastic means you can run items on top of each other for even more organisational goodness.

Finishing off the pouch, on the back exterior wall is four lines of clipping webbing. This is useful for hanging from the inside D-rings in your pack, or rigging up to our exterior Clipping Webbing or hip belt. Removable straps built for this purpose come provided. Our "EDC tester" even found a way to attach a shoulder strap here for use as a sling bag.


Outer: 500D Cordura. This is a very highly abrasion resistant material built to withstand your daily rigours!
Liner: 500D Cordura slip pocket, as well as Mesh pleated pocket. This mesh is normally used on Australian Military chest rigs, so will last the long haul... and then some.

Black outer, Black liner, Black webbing and Black bartack 
Comes with straps to attach to your Clipping Webbing or hang from D-rings inside our packs. 

desh, 13/11/16
This bag is super amazing. I have been looking for a hardy water resistant bag to combine my First Aid Pack and Survival Kit into one with exterior access for a torch and knife, I found this bag after a long time.

This bag also opens 180 degrees so you can attend to medical emergencies much easier with the open pack at your feet.

This is an excellent First Aid / Survival Kit.
S R, 15/10/16
I always ride my motorbike or bicycle, and I always use action cams. This way I can keep all my battery packs in my Spare Camel all neatly packed away.

This is my third buy from BOGEAR (Spare Camel and Donkey as well) and I will always recommend BOGEAR's gear. Quality materials with quality craftsmanship always.
Ben, 9/10/16
As an avid 4x4 Driver I have found the perfect EDC pouch to Keep all my stuff together in this little pouch. (Not That Little ) I can keep my camera and portable hard drive and all the cabeles and a torch pocket knife and other nicknacks in an easy place to find and even an IPad mini in the back of it for protection .
I use this Pouch all the time out in the great outdoors... Have fun with your EDC pouch.
Nicole, 24/09/16
I bought the EDC Pouch for my partner who is an avid photographer but couldn't find the right bag for all his cables.
The internal system of this little gem provided the organisation that was needed for someone on the go.
It's now been taken on two photography trips and has made life much easier from hotel to beach, to forest, to plane and back home again.
I stole it recently to organise my makeup brushes for a trip only to have it demanded to be returned. I now need to order one for myself!
Damion, 12/09/16
I carry the BOgear EDC Pouch with me every day, and have found it to be an indispensable piece of my EDC gear. Not only do I have “standard” EDC items such as paracord, a multi-tool, mini-flashlight, and some medical items inside of it, I also carry pens, batteries, shrink tubing, a small notebook, extra cords and other odds and ends, and still seemingly have a ton of room for more gear. This pack is deceptively roomy, and never ceases to amaze me with all the places I can store stuff. The zippers are butter smooth to operate making access to my gear a breeze, and the heavy duty material that the pouch is made out of is 1000D Cordura which is the same material used on BOgear’s packs. What this means is that in addition to all the carry space and smooth zippers lies a pack that is ultra-durable and should be able to withstand any adventure I'll take it through. Seriously; the bag looks and feels bombproof. Lastly, the value proposition of the BOgear EDC pouch is off the charts; for what you get with this bag, the price is insanely good and is what I consider to be the best “bang for your buck” EDC pouch currently on the market. Add in the stellar customer service from BOgear, and you have yourself a true winner.

In closing, if you’re an avid outdoorsman, an urban warrior, or maybe a little bit of both (like myself), the BOgear EDC pouch is an absolute must for your daily adventures.

Cheers, and Happy Trails!!
Mike, 11/09/16
I was also lucky enough to get in on the pre-order of the EDC Pouch. Currently using it in my Buulpup which I use for my everyday carry. I've owned a number of pouches from other manufacturers with a similar purpose to the EDC Pouch and have to say the build quality, organization and means of attaching it to my bag is up there or surpasses those other pouches. It is well made with good organization without a lot of unneeded padding to add weight and use up interior capacity. This is a minor thing but the zippers on the pouch as on the bags are about the smoothest I've used. I realize that most of my bags use YKK but the zippers on the pouch and bags open and close so easily which is nice when on the move and reaching in to the bag to grab something out of the pouch. Great product BOGear! Keep up the good work.
Michael, 8/09/16
I managed to pick up one of these on pre-order, and the adding it to my Spare Camel and Donkey has been great!

I normally use the pouch for my EDC at Uni and Work + travel - the normal cables, mini-FAK kit, torch etc but it also fits a small note-book neatly in the outside pocket which is great for me.

The elastic is perfectly sized for 99% of items you'd want to put in there, and although it is double-layered it's not too bulky (that said, larger items can block you from using the elastic behind/in front of where it's secured but thats no design fault, just how elastic and the world works!)

The inclusion of a zippered mesh on the inside is great, it gets used for less frequently accessed essentials. The pouch is also big enough to fit some larger items just floating inside with everything else full.

I have also loaded mine out as a FAK to see if it would work, and while not used in anger I reckon it would be as good as a not specifically designed for purpose FAK pouch can get!

My only wish is for a Velcro option for the outside, but not everone is a patch-whore like me ;)

The pouch runs excellently inside the Spare Camel (where I use it 90% of the time), and on the outside too. If it's over packed it can block a little bit of access to the slim pocket behind but again, thats not a design problem just how bags work! On the donkey it doesn't quite fit to the webbing on the inside-document pocket (not sure what to call it!) but it fits neatly INSIDE that pocket to add some organisation to an otherwise plain slot.
Alex, 26/08/16
I was lucky enough to score on of these on pre order and it has proved invaluable since the day I got my hands on it. Currently it has all the cables I need and a first aid kit tucked into the pleated pocket, with the webbing side having an external battery, pens, torch, deck of cards and even a Nintendo 3DS tucked away on that side, with an A5 notebook behind it all. It's really helped organise my bag and I can't imagine not having it tucked away in my bag anymore!
Jeff W., 21/07/16
I've recently transitioned to working partly as a medic and partly in the business world to being a full-time med student. The EDC pouch is something that I wish I had in my previous jobs and I'm SUPER glad I have now. I'm always suspicious of "pre-fab" organizer pouches since the gear I carry varies throughout the week and tends to be a bit different from the norm. I love the combination of elastic and zip pockets here that lets me neatly organize gear that I use often and throw a bunch of crap in the zip pocket! Also like the webbing on the back that let's me either carry inside by bullpup to stay organized or throw it on the outside if I'm short on space. Once customization becomes an option (hint hint) I'd definitely be keen to grab a pouch with a rad color.

My one minor complaint is that the smallest elastic parts are a bit too big for a normal sized pen and that there's no easy way for me to clip in my knife, but you can't please everyone all the time, can you?

If you're on the fence because of price, it's 100% worth it--The workmanship is excellent as always and it's already saved my laptop when a GU exploded in my bag!
Dan, 15/07/16
Your EDC Pouch has become a crucial part of my tech world. It manages to fit everything perfectly- 2x hard drives, all my charging cables, my iPad mini... everything I need is now easily accessible in the one spot. The clam shell design is super easy to use and the slick design goes well with my camel.

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