We build gear to be Dirtified!

We believe in designing and manufacturing strong gear, built for daily use and abuse. We don't believe in the current materialistic "throw away" society, and would rather our gear be timeless, tough, and when it does eventually break be easily fixed. We want our gear to last so long it almost has a life of its own; we want it to be associated with your memories of intense outdoor experiences.

So thats a bit about us... now for your most popular questions:

1. What guarantee do you offer?

So you are thinking about buying an item from us? But you are afraid that it might fall apart because it uses materials different from everything else on the market, which also happens to be reclaimed? Well we guarantee our gear is good. We've used it, abused it, and dirtified it way before we even offered it to you guys. And it didn't fall apart on us. But sometimes mistakes happen, just ask my mate whose beer goggles made him think an electric fence was a good urinal. So if our products do fall apart on you within twelve months of purchase, we'll repair or replace it.

This Dirtification Guarantee covers all our products. You crash into a car during an alley cat and your bag gets cut up worse than a Chucky victim, we'll repair or replace it. If the stitching fails because you decide it would be funny to carry acid home from the pool shop, we'll repair or replace it. And if the buckles fail because the dog has a thing for black plastic, that too we'll repair or replace. But guys we want to help you and do the best by you, so don't abuse this guarantee. Please don't religiously return gear just before the twelve month period is up in hopes of never having to pay for gear again. That will mean we'll be bleeding money, and will have to charge others more for our gear just to stay afloat. And no one likes price increases.

Be warned though, we only cover our products, not the stuff inside, around or beside our gear. So if your aluminium iBook becomes an iMess during a two pot race, that's not our fault; nor do we cover it.

Honestly, we take great pride in our gear and the fact that it is made right here in Australia. Because of this we stand by the quality of our designs and workmanship, so beyond this 12 month Dirtification period we happily still cover any issues if they arise from poor craftmanship or defects in materials. In this unlikely event we happily repair or replace at our discretion.

2. What the hell does dirtify mean?

Dirtify (v);
Dirtify is the long process that occurs when you use a piece of gear regularly. It results in gear that is so full of sweat, dirt, love and experiences that it stands up on its own; but maybe that's just because of the dirt. It becomes so powerful that it is almost as if the piece of dirtified gear becomes you, and you become the gear.

Once a piece of gear becomes dirtified it protects you through a magic aura or maybe that's just the stench. It is never possible to over dirtify a piece of gear. Duct tape and random stitching made from dental floss only add to its dirtified nature.

Be warned though, a fully dirtified piece of gear should never be washed for fear of losing all the special qualities that make it so.

Needless to say, we encourage you to dirtify our gear.

3. So you like to incorporate old dirtified gear into new gear?

We certainly do. Have you ever had an old backpack that you just couldn't throw out because it had been so many places with you? Well that is a backpack that has been truly dirtified. You develop a sense of emotional attachment to that backpack; which is exactly how we want you to feel about our gear. We are more than happy to take pieces from your dirtified gear so your new backpack still has the special qualities that make it just right. Technically the bag hasn't been with you on all your journeys, but it's dirtified soul certainly has.

4. Well I'm not quite ready to euthanise my dirtified gear just yet. Can you give it a new lease on life? Botox perhaps?

We love it when people come to us for repairs. Usually it is because the piece of gear is special to the person involved. The reason we love repairs is that it reduces our impact on the earth. Why throw out a perfectly good piece of equipment just to stay with the latest trends?
Check out what repairs we can do over here.

5. I have a product of yours that is truly dead. Can I send it back to you?

Yes! We love to receive our old products back. We firmly believe in closing the loop between product, manufacturer and user. Firstly we'll analyse it to see if we can make our future products better. If you don't want it incorporated into a new product (see above FAQ), we'll try and repair it. If we can repair it, we'll donate it to a charity in need. If it can't be fixed we'll try and reuse or recycle it as much as possible.

6. I just noticed that you put a label inside my bag with a number on it. What does that number mean?

All of our bags are individually and sequentially numbered. So if you somehow managed to get bag number one... guess what? You have absolutely the first bag!

There are numerous reasons why we do this, but mainly it is for following the history of the bag. It means that you can find out exactly what the materials are that make up your bag, you can find out where it was made, who made it, and if there is custom artwork on it who the artist is. There are numerous other things we can do with this unique identity number, so if you've lost your bags 'birth certificate' drop us a line and we'll resend it out to you!

7. Where can I find reviews on your products?

You can find reviews here. Feel free to leave us one if you like!
You can also find specific reviews on individual products inside their pages, underneath the "review" tab. Again, let us know what you think!

8. I've just paid for my bag. When will it arrive?

Sounds like you are keen to get your hands on one of our bags! We love to hear this!
Once payment has been received we post your product. We post daily. Most of our gear travels via Australia Post Express, which means it should be in your hands within 1 to 2 days if you are within Australia. Worldwide postage usually takes between 7 - 10 business days. 

9. Is everything BOgear really made in Australia?

In a nutshell, yes! Everything with the BOgear label on it at the moment is made in our studio in Brisbane, Australia. You are more than welcome to come and watch one day if you like!
Just to be clear, we have had previous versions of our FRS Strap Ons manufactured in China. Now however, everything is made in Australia! Want to learn more about this? Watch us make gear!

10. Hey... um, what is that little doodad for?

Unsure what that thingy is, or why we put that strappy thing on that soft thing? Check out our Help Pages for more specific info on each individual product, especially showing how to get more out of your bag. Carry more, be more comfortable... we've got it all covered in our help videos!

Or, check out all our helpful information over at our blog. We discuss features, designs, materials, construction... basically anything and everything we can about what we do!


Got a burning question that isn't answered here? Contact us, and we'll answer it for you as best we can!

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