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Our duffle bag, built for daily dirtification. 30L volume fits all your muddy gear, or 13 inch laptops and A4 uni books.
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Dufflay: (pronounced "Doof-Lay"). Its just a posh way of saying "this duffle is freaking awesome"

The Dufflay has had a size upgrade! Now coming in at a healthy 30L it is still a simple carry device, perfect as a race bag, gym bag, or as a "lets-throw-everything-in-this-and-go...here-comes-the-zombies" bag

Quick Look:

Dufflay is in stock and ready to ship!
 H: 270mm x W: 460mm x D: 260mm
Volume: 30L (or a carton of long neck beers + ice)
Weight: approx. 800g 
Opening: Flap covered centre zip
iGuide: 13 inch laptop laying flat, or 15 inch laptop vertically
Material: 1000D Cordura Exterior, Unlined Liner, 300D Polyester Hang Pocket
Water Resistant

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Our duffle measures 270mm x 460mm x 260mm, which translates into 30L of usable space, which incidentally is legal carry-on size. This comfortably fits a carton of beer plus two open bags of ice (the cold kind). Not in a partying mood? Then it also fits A4 sized paper files as well as 13 inch laptops. Inside the bag is unlined to keep weight down, with a hang pocket with zip opening for keeping your smaller items safe. This is perfect for carrying small items which could easily be lost.

As with all our zippered bags we use YKK branded zips, which is the same as used on our Royds. Baggage handlers have a hard time destroying these! Handles are constructed from 50mm seatbelt webbing, which is comfortable for both hand or shoulder carry.

We currently have multiple versions of the Dufflay. The first is a limited edition reclaimed PVC. This comes direct from a truck tarp and signage specialist who was otherwise going to throw it in the bin! We never know what colours are coming so get in quick if you are keen. Bonus of this PVC material is it is weatherproof.
The second version is constructed from our 1000D Cordura, which is the same material we use on all our bags. Built for life, yet with a softer construction. This version is only water resistant, but will keep your kit dry for around 20 minutes of torrential downpour.
The final version is constructed from a limited batch of Indigo Denim. It is tough, sexy as hell, machine washable and oh-so-soft on the hand. This version is not shower-proof, so don't use it in the rain. 


Outer: 1000D Cordura, a highly abrasion resistant material built for a lifetime of dirtification
Liner: Unlined for a super simple and lightweight construction.
Dufflay is water resistant

DENIM Limited Edition Release:
Outer: Indigo Denim, mid weight 13.5oz
Liner: UNLINED! This makes the bag super simple and lightweight. Ready for any urban adventure
Denim version is not weather resistant; it will soak up water faster than a sponge in a bathtub. 


Denim fabric, black carry handle. Unlined
Black Cordura fabric, Black carry handle
Navy Cordura Fabric, Black carry handle 

Tim, 31/05/16
Soooo.... I might have gone a bit overkill by grabbing 4 cellblock pouches at the same time, but I love it. They fit inside the duffle like a glove, and allow me to keep everything neat and tidy. The PVC duffle is also easy to wipe out, hose out, and hang on the line to dry. Good work BO, makes a solid fishing bag!
Brendan, 8/05/16
I've been on the lookout for a larger bag than my simple backpack- something that was a bit more professional, with lots of space, and which was ethically made.

I came across BOGear when googling "Australia Cycling Messenger bags" and while I started looking at the messengers, I found myself choosing the Dufflay.

It's the perfect size for the rear basket on my bike, as well as being convenient to carry in hand, on one shoulder or as a backpack. The PVC is completely waterproof (good for days when I bus into work because of the rain), and the convenient size means it fits on my lap when using public transport.

Despite the PVC being solid, there is a little bit of give in the bag to squash it up a few centimetres for the gym locker, but I can't wait to take this thing on holiday. It's currently holding two towels, a lunch box, a change of clothes, a pair of shoes and my ipad- and it's only about half full.

To wear as a backpack, I also picked up two rigging straps to act as a chest strap- they're also useful for securing the straps when riding my bike. Yes, I could have bought the dedicated chest strap, but I am a very frugal sort of chap (read: tight!).

I could not recommend this bag highly enough for versatility, storage space and construction. Great job, BOGear!
Bree, 14/06/14
I fucking love this bag. I can't articulate why, but it is just so versatile. I have used it as a day to day bag in place of my handbag; as a swimming bag with my towel and wet togs; for a weekly grocery run; as an onboard carry bag; on work road trips. It can do anything. I wear it slung over one shoulder or as a backpack.
And I have even used it folded up as a bag inside a bag in case I purchase too much while on a trip!

I have seriously had so many compliments on this bag.

Well done guys!
Chris, 14/04/14
Just a little update for you guys! I used my duffle all last week for my lunch/rain coat/notes etc whilst inspecting bridges in rainy Adelaide. My fave bag!
Åsa, 13/09/13
My custom duffel bag arrived today (posted by you yesterday), and it looks so very, very, very fine!

You're absolute legends. You made it fast, but such high quality and skilled craftsmanship. It arrived fast with post too, and it looks soooooooo great!

The custom snowboard/skateboard straps will come to use this weekend as I'm going to the Snowies with it :) (I recon those straps are useful also for people who don't carry boards, and should be on all duffels ever made from any bag company.)

This bag will travel with me to many, many, beautiful interesting places both here in Australia and overseas.

Also, tried the bag on as a backpack (that is, using the handles as backpack straps), and with one of your rigging straps, or with a sternum strap from another backpack, holding the straps together over the chest the duffel stays put on the shoulders... So another thing that makes this bag very versatile!
Chris, 27/08/13
So, I recently picked up my limited edition truck tarp BO Duffle bag just in time for a long weekend in Melbourne. First of all, the bag looks the goods. It was totally getting checked out by the honeys wherever I went (might not have been the bag). With ease I managed to pack 3 days worth of clothes, wash bag, big headphones, ipod and a book.

The first test was stashing it in the overhead locker on the plane. I hate planes, really really hate them. There is something about them that turns 99% of your fellow passengers into the biggest jeb ends known to man. When they started announcing the rows to board there was a massive melee but thankfully due to my quick thinking and punching a fellow passenger in the dick I was soon on board. I think Dave must have measured up some overhead lockers because this thing fitted like a glove. Lift up, slide in, sit down. The bag went into the locker pretty easily too.

There are a couple of nifty features worth mentioning. The first is an internal mesh pocket, perfect for stashing paper work and keys etc. so they don’t get lost in the main compartment. The webbing on the outside is a also great feature, it allows you to strap other items to the outside. The possibilities are endless, examples include an umbrella, poster tube and a massive sausage. Personally I used it to clip my keys onto as I passed through the metal detectors at the airport, very handy.

I did get caught in a couple of showers between the airport and hotel, nothing significant so cannot comment in detail about the waterproofness of the truck tarp version. It certainly looks waterproof though and I have no doubt in my mind there will be no leakages when bringing back souvenir ping pong balls from Thailand.

Overall I’m super pleased with the bag and it will be my first choice for weekends away, short camping trips and transporting body parts. Thanks Dave!

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