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30L of carry, 13 to 17 inch laptop compatible. Basically perfect for carry on luggage but still not quite right for you? Customise it now!
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All custom bags are built to order and can take up to 4 weeks to build. We are usually a lot quicker though! Please design your bag on the top right, and we will process your bag to your exact specifications as fast as we can. Examples of past custom bags can be found in the top left images. Enjoy building!

Can't wait for custom? Pre-built is available!

So, the Spare Camel comes standard with front clipping webbing, HDPE frame sheet and back padding, room for 30L of carry (which translates into a carton of beer!), as well as pleated internal pockets for optimal gear organisation. But you already knew that right? Which is why you came here to customise the bag to your exact specs. Well guess what, here are the customisations you can do to your bag.

Colour Modifications

 Unsure what we mean? Check out the video under the videos tab for full explanation as to what a bartack is, what the exterior colour is, and so forth!
- Modify the exterior colour of your bag (WTF Colours available!)
- Modify the interior colour of your bag
- Adjust the webbing colour
- Adjust the bartack stitch colour

What is WTF? WTF stands for What The F##K and is a "random" pack where each panel is a different colour. This results in a bag 100% unique as each is different to the next. All panels are hand cut and look so sharp! You can choose between "Anything" which is any colour (mix of darks, camo's and bright colours), "Dark only" which is a mix of all our dark colours (Black, Grey, Navy, Forest Green, Coyote, etc), "Camo only" which is a mix of all our Camo's, including some which we no longer have enough stock of to build an entire bag (including MULTICAM, AUSCAM, AUSCAM Desert, USA Woodlands, USA Desert, UPC, etc). Finally we also have the option of "Dark & Camo" so that you have no bright colours in there!

If you choose WTF Patchwork, we will randomly cobble together smaller pieces of scrap to make a bigger front panel. This takes about two additional hours to patchwork together into a strong and visually impressive panel. This option is entirely random with some darker, brighter and camo pieces neatly mixed together. Although you don't have as much colour control, it results in a visually impressive bag which cannot be repeated even if we wanted!

This WTF colouring also extends to our webbing; just chose the WTF option for something random and uniquely hand cut.


- Patch Panel
We have just started adding a loop patch panel to the front wall of the backpack. This allows you to place woven patches, labels, reflective tape, and basically jazz up your bag without the need for hand stitching. This feature usually comes standard, but you can choose to remove it if you like!

Spare Camel Patch Panel Upgrade

- Zip Paracord
We will happily remove your zip pull, and replace it with paracord. This not only looks good, but also makes the zip slide smooooooother!

Spare Camel Paracord Zip Pull Upgrade

- Side Compression
Remove the side compression completely, run a single, or upgrade to dual / second side compression strap. This is incredibly useful for tying extra kit to your bag such as climbing ropes, polo shin/elbow guards, wetsuits, snow skis or split boards. Single has a compression strap on each side of the bag. Dual has two compression straps on each side of the bag.

Side Compression upgrade on a Spare Camel backpack

- Faceless / Nude
This is a new option which removes the clipping webbing and the reflective tape from the front panel. It creates a very sleek bag without the military look. You still choose the webbing colour and bartack colour for the top handle and side compression, but there will be NO webbing or reflective tape at all on the front panel.

faceless or nude Spare Camel backpack

Wrapped Handle
Find yourself hand carrying your bag a lot? You might like our Wrapped Handle upgrade. We wrap 50mm Seatbelt webbing around the standard 25mm Webbing handle. This creates a softer feel in your hand, as well as makes the handle slightly thicker. It also adds a bit of bulk so the handle is a tad stiffer.

Spare Camel Wrapped Handle Upgrade 

- Drink Bottle Pockets
This adds a drink bottle pocket to each side of the pack. It also means the bag is no longer clamshell opening, and the zip will only open as far as the drink bottle pocket. However the versatility of a quick access pocket like this may outweigh the clamshell ability. Its your bag, build it your way!
Oh, and we highly recommend choosing "no side compression" if you run drink bottle pockets. Compression tends to get in the way of this pocket access.

Drink Bottle Pocket spare camelpack

Rhi, 23/01/17
My bag just arrived.

Wow. Freaking Wow!

I can't wait to get it dirty! Thank you so much to you and your team.

I'm blown away by your attention to detail and speed.

Thank you!
Jacob, 10/11/16
Just wanted to give you guys some massive props, I am absolutely stoked with how the bag came out. Nailed exactly what I was after.
Adam, 18/09/16
I received my pack [edit: one of the first with Drink Bottle Pocket upgrade!]. It is amazing. Seeing it in person is so much better than the picture and the sketches I did. Please send a thank you along to the team who made it. It is beautiful, and I look forward to enjoying it for years to come. Knowing that I customized my very own pack, down to the very last detail and that it's unique, is super cool. Add that I worked with a team half way around the world makes it truly special. Again, thank you so much and make sure to give the team a high-five!
Rupert, 26/08/16
The pack [edit: Custom Multicam Black] arrived today and is amazing thank you for your hard work it has turned out better than I hoped.

Took a real gamble as I had not seen your work in person but was WELL worth it.

I will be wanting a duffle next so will be in touch.

Thank you all so much.
Eugeni, 27/06/16
The spare camel has arrived today and it's awesome! Much better than I expected, and the expectations were high! First Bogear in Catalonia, I think I'm gonna show it to everyone and take it everywhere. And of course, soon I will order a bullpup.

And I have to ask: the secret pocket is some kind of australian joke? I'm sure my bag doesn't have one. Me and my wife have been searcging for it and we are sure there is no extra pocket!

[edit: Yes, there is a secret pocket! We will email its location if you can't find it!]

Oh my god! The pocket is there! My wife didn't want to read your mail, she was sure she'll find it on her own. But after a while told me: "no, they forgot it in this pack, there's no secret pocket". She still can't believe it was there.

Your bags are awesome. The build is great, also better than you can expect when you see the pics. They look... Oh, I love it. And the price is extreamly reasonable, even after taxes.
Katie, 16/05/16
I wanted to thank you guys for making such awesome gear. I finally had a chance to take my grey spare camel with cyan bar tack and red paracord pulls out for a spin on a work trip from Pennsylvania to Orlando, Florida to do some work at one of the theme parks down there.

With the Cellblock M as it's sidekick this was everything I needed it to be and more. I stashed my work gloves, safety glasses, notebook, pens, small tools, and snacks in the cellblock and with the addition of the strap that you guys worked up for me, it became my around-the-park bag when I didn't want to be lugging my spare camel with laptop around. I loved the adjustability of the strap.

I even managed to snag a day off to explore the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios and carried everything I needed in the cellblock. My long sleeve flannel stashed nicely inside when switching from cold air conditioned buildings to walking around in the sun. It was big enough to carry what I needed but small enough to go through park security quickly and fit easily inside a tiny locker when riding the rides. I really can't speak highly enough about the Cellblock M and it's versatility as a side bag. I think that a lot of folks would look at the Cellblock M in a whole new light if they realized that a simple strap could turn it into a great little day bag.

The Spare Camel was great in all of the ways I expected and surprised me in a few ways, too! The internal mesh pockets were perfect for stashing socks and containing my bulkier items like my computer charging cable and toiletries. This left plenty of room for my laptop and clothing for the week. I was pleasantly surprised that the laptop sleeve even fit my 11x17 (A3) sized engineering drawings! The double compression straps were perfect for strapping the bulky sweater that I insisted on wearing on the plane to the outside of my pack when I landed in warmer weather.

When I got to the airport to head home, I learned that I had been bumped to a slightly earlier flight. Having everything all in one perfectly well organized bag made it so much easier to rush through security and run to get to my gate right as they began boarding. It would have been an awful experience if I had been carrying a bulky duffel or rolling luggage.

I can't imagine doing this trip without this gear. It really was a game changer. Thanks so much for your attention and care in helping me design my bag and for building such great gear.
Chris S., 2/03/16
Just wanted to send a review about my bag.

Now that i have had it for quite a few months, it quite simply is the best backpack i have ever owned. I have gone through more than i can remember over the last 5 years, and only wish i had found you guys sooner.

I took it on my road trip to Adelaide and back at the end of last year, packed all my clothes and gear for a 3 week trip with ease, and it was still light and comfortable to wear as well.

I simply cannot fault the bag at all, and really wish i had an excuse to buy another one now.

This is my daily bag that comes to work with me, its perfect for my car, or my motorbike, and sits great on my back with no discomfort at all.

The only suggestion i can think of ( please excuse me if i have overstepped here ) is that you should start making laptop sleeves.

I currently have my Tom Bihn sleeve in the bag, it fits nicely in the inside pocket to, and attaches to the straps that are in the bag.

I would love to have a BOGear sleeve in a matching lime/peach stitching to match the barracks on my bag and get rid of the TB one.

Thanks again for making such an awesome product
Oscar, 16/12/15
I've now had the Spare Camel Backpack for about two and half weeks, and it's absolutely wonderful.

It keeps all of my books and belongings dry in the Scottish (and Swedish) autumn/winter weather and it is big enough to carry everything I needed for a weekend trip (and, importantly, small enough to take on the plane!). It has everything I looked for when my previous bag fell apart: it's roomy (but not oversized), it's able to withstand harsh weather conditions (as a student in Scotland it has to be able to withstand a lot of rain), and even when it's full of books it doesn't hurt my back or shoulders due to the backplate and the wide shoulder straps.

On top of all of this, the bag actually doesn't look bad. I could easily imagine this bag being used in the city and while hiking without looking out of place in either place.

Also... I'm not sure if I have found the secret pocket yet!

Thanks for a great backpack!

[Update:] And damn... That is a secret pocket! I thought I'd looked everywhere!
Chris, 1/11/15
100% hit it with my bag, the craftsmanship, colours, everything is superb! First impressions, are it is brilliant!, very well put together, seams very strong, everything is nice and stiff on the outside which is great, gives a good impression of durability in my opinion.

Fits very nicely on my back as well, love the colour combination, definitely looks sensational.

The flaps over the zipper look like they could keep out a flood of water too.

The inside is huge, that should easily fit all my gear for a week away at work, laptop and all.

I am already liking the fact that the front part when unzipped does not fall forward even with stuff in the pocket, and that it falls back onto itself, ( its a pet peeve of mine when bags fall forward and tip over )

I have cheated and taken the laptop holder from my Tom Bihn bag, and it fits perfectly on the hooks that you have for the Cell Blocks ( i think they will be next on order for sure )

The first 10 mins with the bag, i absolutely love it, this is an awesome bit of kit, and extremely good quality.

Thank you very much for this bag, top quality work.

Thanks again ( now to work out what i need to buy next from you)
Carlos, 16/10/15
My backpack has arrived, I would like to take this time to thank all the Team at Bogear, my backpack looks totally amazing, well worth it.


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