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Rip, sort, stack and segregate all your Medic gear. 40L volume. 

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Usually we crack a joke here, but I wont as this is a serious piece of kit designed for serious work. 40L of "Open Source" Medic carrying potential. Design it, sort it, and organise it your way.

Why "Open Source" I hear you ask? Well our Medic Pack's main 30L compartment is ready for attaching interior pouches, flip boards and other sorting and organising gear. Plug and play with your own pouches, or grab some from us to segregate, sort and organise all your daily equipment. Although designed with Medics in mind, this pack is perfect as a Bug Out Bag, or as a base for a solid Camera pack. The secondary compartment closer to your back is 10L in volume and would comfortably fit two 3L water-bladders, or laptops and other digital paraphenalia. 

Quick Look:

Our Medic Pack is 100% built to order!
 H: 530mm x W: 300mm x D: 280mm
Volume: approx. 40L: comprising 30L main tub & 10L rear compartment (or a slab of beer in the front, and three goon-sacks in the back)
Weight: approx. 1.5kg 
Opening: Clamshell, lay flat design
iGuide: 17 inch laptop in rear compartment, iPad in front pocket
Material: 1000D Cordura Exterior, 300D Polyester Liner


Our Medic Pack is based off our Spare Camel Backpack, with the addition of an extra 10L compartment closer to your back perfect for hydration bladder or laptop carry for mobile physios. All the comfort and features of the Spare Camel has been applied to this bag, but with the focus on usability and speed through sorting and organising your gear using removable pouches and flip panels. With the addition of our Flip Panel, you can dedicate up to 4 surfaces of organising and pouch placement, giving a consistent and solid work flow. Depending on your system you could have it set up Airway, Breathing, Circulation; or Trauma, PPE, Medication, and so forth. Basically our Medic Pack is a blank canvas begging for you to set it up the way YOU want.

Before we delve deep into the pack, on the exterior are two side grab handles as well as a wrapped top handle. This gives three points which you can grab, drag, or manouver depending on your needs. Four lines of clipping webbing come standard, while the line of reflective tape below can be substituted for an extra line of clipping webbing. There is a large slip pocket behind the clipping webbing, while another pocket is above, perfect for easy access PPE such as latex gloves. Dual side compression with four buckles ensure your pack contents always remain secure, and can be compressed down to stop movement if your load carry varies.

Opening up the pack and on the front wall are three zippered mesh pockets. Mesh is perfect for this application as it allows you to see inside the pockets while keeping contents secure. One pocket is placed high on the pack for small easily crushable items, while the two lower pockets are pleated to expand out and hold more than anticipated. Looking towards the back of the bag, on the rear inside wall is a solid section of Loop. This is perfect for placing Hook backed pouches, allowing you to sort and organise your gear, or tear them away if needed. This wall can fit roughly 3 of our Medic Pouches, while above are two hanging D-rings. These D-rings are for attaching our Flip Board giving you an extra two surfaces of organising and sorting. Our Flip Board is also custom made to your specifications but can accommodate another 3 pouches, elastic loops, or another wall of mesh pockets. With the Flip Board in use you can fit up to 6 Medic Pouches in the pack.

Jumping outside the main compartment, there is an extra compartment closer to your back. This is 10L in volume, and comfortably holds 2x 3L waterbladders, or 17 inch laptops and peripherals for those medics and physios who do clinical work. A dedicated hydration hole outlet is between your shoulder straps meaning you can route the tube without interfering with zip and content access. The wall separating these two compartments is padded with 5mm EVA foam, while 10mm EVA foam and a HDPE framesheet separate the hydration compartment from your back. This results in a comfortable carry as nothing will stab you in the back. The pack accepts our HipBelt upgrade which is highly recommended particularly if you load this pack up, as it distributes load from your shoulders and onto your hips. Shoulder straps are our floating design, featuring 10mm high density EVA foam, spray laminated, contoured and tapered. We have been running these on our packs for years with feedback being nothing but positive. Shoulder straps can make or break carry comfort, and we know these have the tick of approval of many a user!


Outer: 1000D Cordura. Highly abrasion resistant, and built to take an absolute thrashing.
Liner: 300D polyester. Main compartment is weatherproof, while hydration section is weather resistant. 

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