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Our biggest messenger bag designed for ridiculous loads. Swallows archive boxes and A3 folders. Customise it to your specs here!

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All custom bags are built to order and can take up to 4 weeks to build. We are usually a lot quicker though! Please design your bag on the top right, and we will slot YOUR exact bag into the build queue. Examples of past custom bags can be found in the top left images. Enjoy building!

Can't wait for custom? Pre-built is available!

Elephantitus is designed and built with the professional messenger in mind. Able to fit A3 folders, archive boxes and poster tubes, the Elephantitus is one ridiculously big messenger bag. But you already knew that, which is why you came here to customise the bag to your exact specifications. This is what you can customise on your bag.

Colour Modifications

 Unsure what we mean? Check out the video under the Learn More tab for full explanation as to what a bartack is, what the exterior colour is, and so forth! 
- Modify the exterior colour of your bag 
- Modify the interior colour of your bag
- Adjust the webbing colour
- Adjust the bartack stitch colour

Features upgrades

 - Add back padding 
This is the most commonly asked for upgrade. It features 10mm of EVA foam, and is removable. This means you can wash it when it gets stinky, or sit on it when the ground is wet, cold, or damn dirty. Essentially it makes any load a comfortable load...

To be honest, that is about all you can upgrade on this bag as it already is the ducks nuts.

Dan, 29/09/16
You nailed that design eh. I've never worn a bag approaching it. Had an archive box full of paper and a food order on this afternoon and it was a breeze...

So comfy and it's taking BIG food orders with ease!
Jason, 25/11/13
I just want to say what a great big bag. I have been taking it with me everyday since I got it.

Just wanted to say I am very happy with the bag. And will keep on buying from bogear.

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