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Want a custom duffle bag? Modify our 30L version to be as colourful as you like. Fits 13 & 15 inch laptops, A4 uni books, or all your gym gear!

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Need a gym or exercise bag, yet want to be different than everyone else? Customise your duffle exactly the way you want! As we custom build to your specifications, it may take up to 4 weeks to build. Sounds like a lot, but most of our custom bags are completed earlier than this (if this ins't quick enough grab a pre-built Dufflay here and have it in your hands ASAP)! So be adventurous; choose colours you like and stand out from the crowd. Oh, and make sure you check out examples of past custom bags we have built - which can be seen on the left.

Can't wait for custom? Pre-built is available!

Our Dufflay makes the ultimate gym or exercise bag. Compact, yet big enough for everything you need. Towel, protein shake, recovery food, spare set of clothes and shoes? Yup, it will fit it all. With a recent size increase, at 30L it could swallow most that you would throw its way. As this is built to your custom needs, you can even chose mesh exterior panels to help your gear dry, reducing smell and funk. As mesh allows airflow we don't line the bag - Just make sure you select the "NONE" option under the interior colour choice! 

Built to your specifications, this duffle will take anything you can throw its way. Double layered base is super abrasion resistant, while the handles are double box stitched for strength. You could go Neanderthal on this bag and drag it behind you; it won't even notice!

Oh, and prefer to use the Dufflay for travel? Well good news is the Dufflay even with size increase is legal carry on size!

Colour Modifications

Not sure what we are referring to? Make sure you watch the video above (found under the videos tab) to see exactly what we mean.
- Adjust the outside fabric colour (WTF is available)
You can change the exterior fabric as well as the colour. Cordura, a super highly abrasion resistant material is what we normally use, although you can also choose from PVC (weatherproof), Canvas (weatherproof and super old-school class!), or Mesh (allows your gear to dry). If you choose the Mesh option we will not line your bag, so choose the "NONE" option for the interior fabric colour (and save $$$ in the process!) 

- Change the interior fabric colour

- Change the webbing colour

- Change the bartack colour 

What is WTF? WTF stands for What The F##K and is a "random" pack where each panel is a different colour. This results in a bag 100% unique as each is different to the next. All panels are hand cut and look so sharp! You can choose between "Anything" which is any colour (mix of darks, camo's and bright colours), "Dark only" which is a mix of all our dark colours (Black, Grey, Navy, Forest Green, Coyote, etc), "Camo only" which is a mix of all our Camo's, including some which we no longer have enough stock of to build an entire bag (including MULTICAM, AUSCAM, AUSCAM Desert, USA Woodlands, USA Desert, UPC, etc). Finally we also have the option of "Dark & Camo" so that you have no bright colours in there!

This WTF colouring also extends to our webbing; just chose the WTF option for something random and uniquely hand cut.

Features upgrades

- Patch Panel
We can add a patch panel between the two webbing straps. This allows you to place woven patches, labels, reflective tape, and basically jazz up your bag without the need for hand stitching!

- Additional Shoulder Strap
Prefer to wear the duffle with a strap across your body? Add an additional shoulder strap so you can do so. This is length adjustable

- Shoulder Padding
Add a simple shoulder pad to the shoulder strap for extra comfort! Featuring 10mm of EVA foam, it wont compress out or allow the strap to cut into your neck. Aah... bliss!

├ůsa, 21/03/16
My Dufflay has now travelled all over the world! Dirtified world-wide.

To date this bag has been to 4 continents (Oceania, Africa, Europe and Asia), and five countries (Australia -- all over the place, Ethiopia, Sweden, UK and Singapore).

I've been to all continents except Antarctica, so the bag is lagging a bit behind my travels, but hopefully this bag will reach all continents -- including Antarctica!

Oh and Simple Sally has also been to the same continents and countries! Really useful little bag. :)

Also, that Spare Camel backpack that I won and gifted to my boyfriend has been all over the place too (Australia, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic and Singapore).

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1. Unsure what we mean by "bartack", or "webbing", or even "exterior colour" versus "interior colour"? Worry no more, here is your answer; Customise your bag - all the sections explained!

2. Unsure what fabric colours we have in stock? Check out all our fabric colours here.

3. More of a camo fiend? Our entire camo colour range can be seen here.

4. Webbing. Ack! More options? Show me the colours please!

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