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A large messenger bag with cycling specific features. 34.5L volume easily fits 13, 15 & 17 inch laptops. Customise it here!

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 All custom bags are built to order and can take up to 4 weeks to build. We are usually a lot quicker though! Please design your bag on the top right, and we will build it to your exact specifications. Examples of past custom bags can be found in the top left images. Enjoy building!

Can't wait for custom? Pre-built is available!

Commute regularly, yet feel like a part time messenger with the amount of gear you have to haul around? Then the Sindrome messenger bag is built for you. Designed to haul all your daily gear, while still being a manageable size when empty. It's 32.5L volume can fit A3 folders, swallows a carton of Bundy stubbies all with room to spare for a goon sack. The padded strap is also removable so no matter how much you sweat carrying a heavy load, you can still get it smelling fresh as a daisy. But you already knew that, which is why you came here to customise the bag to your exact specifications. This is what you can customise on your bag.

Colour Modifications

 Unsure what we mean? Check out the video under the Learn More tab for full explanation as to what a bartack is, what the exterior colour is, and so forth! 
- Modify the exterior colour of your bag 
- Modify the interior colour of your bag
- Adjust the webbing colour
- Adjust the bartack stitch colour

Features upgrades

 - Add Dual Shoulder Strap
This is the most commonly asked for upgrade. Essentially it makes your Sindrome carry just like your Elephantitus. It adds a second shoulder strap to even out the load when carrying heavy or bulky items. This second strap features 10mm EVA foam, and is removable. Which just like the back padding option below, means you can wash it when it gets stinky!

 - Add back padding 
This is the second most commonly asked for upgrade. Also constructed from 10mm of EVA foam, it is removable. This means you can wash it when it gets stinky, or sit on it when the ground is wet, cold, or damn dirty. Essentially it makes any load a comfortable load...

Daniel, 29/03/16
I've been absolutely loving the bag ever since I got it. Can't thank you guys enough, it's incredible!

I've been wondering where the hidden secret pocket is though, I've looked all over the bag like 10 times and I can't find any pockets other than the ones everyone already knows about. Where is it?

Again, the bag is absolutely insane. You guys are geniuses.
Norm, 21/03/16
I received my bag a couple of weeks ago and I'm in love. ( don't tell the wife ☺ )
I have spent the last few years looking at the numerous bags and brands on the market before deciding on the Sindrome. This bag leaves all the others in it's dust. The workmanship and build quality exceeds all my expectations and being able to customise my bag makes all the more special and personal.

Dave and the team at Bogear were very helpful and patient with my multitude of questions and made the whole experience so easy that I now have them building my matching Dufflay duffle to match.

The secret pocket took quite a bit of time to find. I can see why it drives people nuts looking for it, very devious guys.

In summary, do yourself a favour and buy a Bogear bag. They are Australian designed, Australian made for real Australians and will be the best thing you ever buy.

Ben, 6/10/15
This bag is like a Crumpler, but better!

I just got the bag and I have to say I absolutely love it! I have to say that when I first ordered the bag I was a little worried that the price was a little on the extravagant end, but I figured that it would be worth it in the long run. I can gladly say that I have bought the last bag I will ever need to buy. This bag is perfect and it is surely going to outlast any dirtification I throw its way, surely a smart investment and glad to support Australian business. Your youtube videos are really helpful and informative. The anti dangle on the main strap (which is fantastic btw) wasn't right when I got it and after a quick look on your youtube channel it's all fixed up.

I love the upgrades. So many other parts of this bag feel like unique upgrades just from how well they work and feel. I can tell how much thought has gone into designing this bag and it really is the little things like how the straps are attached that make this bag.

Thanks for all your help and communication and I really love the colour combination.

Just one question, where is the hidden pocket?

Big thanks
Paul, 23/07/15
The bag arrived last week. I’ve had the chance to use it on the commute to work & it is really good. I particularly like the laptop pocket so I can keep it separate from the rest of the crap I am hauling around. I’ve previously been using a Chrome Metropolis, but the BOGear bag seems to sit better for the same amount of luggage. I suspect the way the straps float makes a huge difference.

In hindsight I probably didn’t need the pad or extra strap, but they may come in handy for extra big loads [edit: Dual Shoulder Strap & Backpadding were added to this bag]

Thanks again for a great bag & excellent service.
Jeff, 9/01/15
I finally finished the review I promised!

For your reading pleasure,
Jeff, 13/11/14
It looks phenomenal! Thank you so much for working with me to get me the right set up for me. The bag looks great! I am stoked to get her and put her right to use! Thank you so much for the back pad upgrade! That is awesome of you. You were a pleasure to work with, and by far the best communication and customer service I have ever had purchasing a custom bag. Heck you top the list of best customer service for damn near anything I have purchased. I always prefer to deal with small business when I can, and I am very glad I stumbled upon you when I did.

I plan on doing a review of my bag after I get some miles on it. I haven't really kept up with my blog the past year or two, but I am trying to turn that around now. I will send you a link once it it done.

PS. It's killing me! I can't find the secret pocket on my bag. You have to enlighten me as to where it is.
Glen, 25/09/14
A quick review of the Syndrome now that I've had it for a meaningful amount of time.

I discovered BOGear through CBD bikes in Sydney. I bought their FRS straps for my commuter bike. These solid, humble straps were probably the catalyst for my conversion from enthusiastic commuter to being identified as a 'bike person' to most people I know. I since sold that bike with the straps and the purchaser seems to be undergoing a similar transformation... Strange.
Since then, I've got another set of straps for my singlespeed, purchased them for my girlfriend's bike and a few of my friends have these straps on their bicycles now.
After being impressed with the straps, I looked up BOGear to see what else they did and came across the messenger bags. I eyed them off for ages, weighing up what size I needed, whether I wanted one strap or two and then there was the colour conundrum!
I ended up calling just to get a second opinion and spoke to Dave, possibly the friendliest person in the world. He didn't try to upsell me to the bigger bag I was thinking of, he helped me decide on the Syndrome that we decided was best for my needs. An order was placed and after a short and completely understandable backorder, a beautiful custom Syndrome arrived.
Dave even followed up a month later to make sure everything with the bag was sweet. The answer is 'definitely'!
The whole package just works. It has all been cut to fit a human and turn him into a packhorse. I say this because now that if can carry more, I do and it's easier to carry more because the bag is designed to take it.
I prefer the bag using drop bars. I'd probably recommend a backpack for an upright. This is because the bag sits on your back on the drops and the strap holds it in place whereas all the weight is on one shoulder with the upright bike. That being said, there is a second strap option which I plan to take up.
I got mine with a red interior and now everything is easy to find in there. It's also got the reflective strips on the back which work well enough to negate the need to high vis clothing (which I detest).
It's very easy to adjust to not having zips because since the material is actually waterproof. The Velcro is also less fiddly than a zip.
Long story short, get a BOGear bag. It's a great experience buying it and a very satisfactory experience owning one.
Chris, 30/07/14
Received the bag, you've made me a very, very happy dude!

Fit is perfect, the dual strap is fantastic, build quality is impeccable - looks like it will last me forever - which can only be a bad thing for repeat business as I would have no hesitations buying from you again!

[UPDATE:] Once again, thanks so much! I tested it out on my commute this morning and it absolutely swallowed my work gear, my gym gear, my MacBook, weekend clothes and of course my lunch for today. Fantastic!
Nam, 24/07/14
Just received my bag today. Ripped it right open like a kid on X-mas morning. First off, bag quality is superior! I've had Chrome's, Ortliebs, and Timbuk2s in the past. This far exceeded my expectations. Glad I didn't spring for the Elephantitus since I'm about 5'-8" and I would have been swimming in my bag. Stitching looks great and I can't rave enough about all the different compression straps. One thing that made me choose you over all others, was the ingenious secondary compression chest strap that doesn't round-out your back. Bag is the perfect size that I've been looking for.

Thanks again! And I'll be sure to tell all my friends about the superior service and quality of bag. I can haul all my climbing gear and daily essentials with a peace of mind. Can't thank you enough.

[UPDATE] Just wanted to give you a quick update. The bag is holding up really well. U-lock holster behind the small pocket is absolute genius. I love that i can whip the bag around and pull the lock without fussing with the main flap. Recently did some business travels with the bag, and I must say I'm really glad I got the secondary strap. I loaded up the bag completely with clothes, computer, and work essentials, and it's still plenty comfy to carry around. This thing is taking some time to break in since it's so well made!

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