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The perfect pack for any weekend adventure? Still not right for you? Customise it here!

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Want a custom bag? We will happily build it TO YOUR order! This can take up to 4 weeks to build. We are usually a lot quicker though! Choose your custom colours and features on the top right, and we will build it precisely for you. Examples of past custom bags can be found in the top left images. Enjoy building!

Can't wait for custom? Pre-built is available!

Our BullPup features 18L of carry, tonnes of clipping webbing, reflective tape and interior pocketing. Its pretty much ready for a weekend of adventure but you can still customise it to your exact specs! Go nuts with the following customisations.

Colour Modifications

 Unsure what each section is? Watch the video under the videos tab for full explanation as to what a bartack is, what the exterior colour is, and so forth! 
- Modify the exterior colour of your bag (WTF is available!)
- Modify the interior colour of your bag
- Adjust the webbing colour
- Adjust the bartack stitch colour

What is WTF? WTF stands for What The F##K and is a "random" pack where each panel is a different colour. This results in a bag 100% unique as each is different to the next. All panels are hand cut and look so sharp! You can choose between "Anything" which is any colour (mix of darks, camo's and bright colours), "Dark only" which is a mix of all our dark colours (Black, Grey, Navy, Forest Green, Coyote, etc), "Camo only" which is a mix of all our Camo's, including some which we no longer have enough stock of to build an entire bag (including MULTICAM, AUSCAM, AUSCAM Desert, USA Woodlands, USA Desert, UPC, etc). Finally we also have the option of "Dark & Camo" so that you have no bright colours in there!

If you choose WTF Patchwork, we will randomly cobble together smaller pieces of scrap to make a bigger front panel. This takes about two additional hours to patchwork together into a strong and visually impressive panel. This option is entirely random with some darker, brighter and camo pieces neatly mixed together. Although you don't have as much colour control, it results in a visually impressive bag which cannot be repeated even if we wanted!

This WTF colouring also extends to our webbing; just chose the WTF option for something random and uniquely hand cut.


- Patch Panel
We have just started adding a loop patch panel to the front wall of the backpack. This allows you to place woven patches, labels, reflective tape, and basically jazz up your bag without the need for hand stitching. This feature usually comes standard, but you can choose to remove it if you like!

Patch Panel upgrade option

- Zip Paracord
We will happily remove your zip pulls, and replace it with paracord. This not only looks good, but also makes the zip slide smooooooother!

Paracord Upgrade for the BullPup Backpack

- Side Compression
Remove the side compression completely, run a single, or upgrade to dual / second side compression strap. This is incredibly useful for tying extra kit to your bag such as climbing ropes, polo shin/elbow guards, wetsuits, snow skis or split boards. Single has a compression strap on each side of the bag. Dual has two compression straps on each side of the bag.

Side compression upgrade

- Faceless / Nude
This is a new option which removes the clipping webbing and the reflective tape from the front panel. It creates a very sleek bag without the military look. You still choose the webbing colour and bartack colour for the top handle and side compression, but there will be NO webbing or reflective tape at all on the front panel.

faceless or nude bullpup backpack

- Wrapped Handle
Find yourself hand carrying your bag a lot? You might like our Wrapped Handle upgrade. We wrap 50mm Seatbelt webbing around the standard 25mm Webbing handle. This creates a softer feel in your hand, as well as makes the handle slightly thicker. It also adds a bit of bulk so the handle is a tad stiffer.

Wrapped handle upgrade

- Base Clipping Webbing
Want to carry something on the outside of your bag but the front clipping webbing isn't enough? Perhaps a bed roll? Well Base Clipping Webbing is for you. Two extra lines of webbing for clipping and attaching goodness.

Base clipping webbing custom option

- Drink Bottle Pockets
This adds a drink bottle pocket to each side of the pack. It also means the bag is no longer clamshell opening, and the zip will only open as far as the drink bottle pocket. However the versatility of a quick access pocket like this may outweigh the clamshell ability. Its your bag, build it your way!
Oh, and we highly recommend choosing "no side compression" if you run drink bottle pockets. Compression tends to get in the way of this pocket access.

Drink Bottle custom upgrade

Rori, 26/01/17
So I'm a complete pack whore, I've tried and sold more backpacks in the last few years than is strictly normal and in that time i've had experience with all of the big name brands...the bullpup blows them all out of the water. Its the one bag that I consistently keep coming back to and now that I'm back in university it has become a daily companion that never lets me down. The size is perfect if you don't have a ton to carry (my daily is a 13" laptop, notebooks, chargers, cables, lunch, and a spare rain coat and there's still room to spare) and the ability to cinch it down when there isn't much in there is awesome, especially when commuting on my bike. The strap are probably the most comfortable i have ever used which means the bullpup isn't just a school pack for me but an all around day hiking pack as well. I've loved it so much that i've also added a spare camel and medic pack to the corral and once again they have knocked the others out of the rotation. Keep up the great work guys!
Ed, 11/11/16
I hope you are having a great day today! I just want to say that I am delighted with my all WTF Bullpup!! The bag is the perfect size and I love the colors you picked out! Thank you so much!!

I'm thinking of getting a second one ... Probably doing the total WTF route again... that is so much fun! :)
Robert, 16/08/16
My Bullpup arrived last week. Luvin the quality, it is sensational. I have only used it for a few short trips so far, but having several pockets makes it so easy to organise my stuff. I am surprised at how heavy Duty it is, fantastic. Beer, Bong, Condoms, man it has a place for everything. Ok, I'm over 50 now, so its Spectacles, wallet, phone, and keys, but I can still vaguely remember my youth. LOL

Cheers, for all the Teams help, support and a truly great Ozzy product.
Mike, 5/08/16
Been meaning to send this for a while and finally got round to it. Loved the bag, has been the perfect size for my travels and has been dragged around a few different parts of the world now generally as a backpack. I'm pretty hard on my gear and so far it's taken everything I've thrown at it.
Ashley, 8/03/16
Dave & the BO Team,

I am sure you believe that your product line is bags and gear. But I don't believe this is 100% true.
I have come to the conclusion that you actually SELL SMILES and WARMING FEELINGS of TOTAL JOY. Each time I use one of your products even just look at them sitting on a bench or hanging on my wall I can't help but smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside. They look great and do exactly what they need to, what could be better.

Thank you so much for making me smile each and everyday. Your gear is doing that.. The new bags I picked up yesterday are superb. (And Tinker my dog also thanks you for modifying her lead.)
Serena, 26/02/16
Thank you so much for the custom bullpup!! It's extremely comfy to carry and I'm loving the tan canvas, so much so that its now also doubled as my office bag!

Thanks again guys!

P.s The little velcro straps that keep the excess shoulder straps coiled is by far my favourite little touch.
Alex B, 28/10/15
The team has come through with the goods as usual!

420/10 would buy again
Judd, 26/05/15
Holy shit! Bag is absolutely awesome mate. It arrived the other day and has gone straight into action on the tough streets of Sydney.

I'm a bag nut and have been into technical gear forever. Probably have 15 different backpacks including from all the big brands and I have never had anywhere close to the number of questions and compliments as I have since running this one!

Build quality is awesome. Even my mrs tried to claim it off me already and she is not at all into that type of gear (she's a Bally/Gucci type girl). She said as soon as you bring out a bag in leather she will buy one from you straight away.

Thanks again, looking forward to ordering another creation from you soon again.
Luke, 19/05/15
Been happily treating the bullpup to its share of dirtification this week.

The build is perfection, materials all sorted and in place. I realized I needed a 30l as soon as I had a day out with the 18l (edit: just bought a Custom Spare Camel to join in on the fun!). Looking at all the torn, frayed and improvised pieces my current packs adorn to keep them together is laughable. Keep on doing whatever it is you guys do: it’s all built for function and keeps the adventurers smooth

The bullpup has replaced my rain day bag for work, lightened my climbing gear and in the works made life better (chicks dig cool backpacks, who’d have thought). You all rock and I just wanted to express how damn impressive your work is.

I’m a lifetime BOG customer.. to prove it we did a day out with best asolo & mammut climb packs. Three of us carried the gear, it was more than unanimous at the end of the day that the BOGear pack was the perfect fit. Really excited to have this next pack in time for a trip to D.R. coming in early july, your turnaround time is just amazing.

Most of all this is just a big ol’ THANK YOU for producing the best packs I’ve come across and will enjoy for a lifetime. If I ever have the chance to buy all you a beer, you better believe I’ll show up with some cold ones!
Alex, 27/10/14
The bag is sick! The colours look awesome and it is the perfect size for taking a few things to uni. So stoked with this :)

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