Currency Converter

Wonder how much our gear will cost in your local currency? Use the converter below to work it out! The Australian Dollar is currently falling, which means our gear should be much cheaper in your local dollars / pounds / amulets!

Don't forget that our pricing includes GST (Australian Goods & Services Tax) and so for international orders it will be 10% cheaper, which is calculated once you enter your address at the shopping cart stage.

How to use:

Step 1: Enter the price of our gear minus 10% (we don't have to charge tax remember!)
Step 2: Choose your local currency from the "To" drop down menu 


example: $200 backpack. Enter in $180 ($200 backpack - 10% tax)

Note: Our website charges using Australian Dollars (AUD). This converter should only be used as a guide; although it is virtually real-time accurate, it doesn't show how much your bank or credit card provider may charge for converting to AUD.


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