Community beliefs

We absolutely love what we do. We get to spend time designing, crafting, manufacturing, dreaming and testing. And we have a lot of fun doing it! Yet we couldn't do this without you. Without you, we wouldn't be able to sustain the business, and our dream would come crashing down to our knees. And so we want to give back to all of you as a whole through donating back to the community. Without the communities surrounding us, we wouldn't exist, nor be the vibrant growing company that we are.

A brief history

Previously it was hard for us to give something back that had any meaning given our small size. Financial help was harder still as every cent earned was gently caressed into the next building block to help us grow. A $5 donation wouldn't make much of a difference to the community, yet re-invested in BOgear would turn into a $500 community donation down the track. So that left us with another valuable commodity; time. BOgear could not donate money, but it sure could donate time. And so we found ourselves donating time to Guide Dogs Queensland. We did this by raising a Guide Dog in training, named Helen. She is a black Labrador, and unbelivably adorable!

This meant we raised Helen, provided basic training, and introduced her to all walks of life between September 2009 and November 2010. Following this we returned her to Guide Dogs Queensland where she began training into a fully fledged guide dog.  It was kind of crazy having a puppy run around our design and manufacturing studio, but heck has it been fun and intensely rewarding. 
Thankfully our time with Helen did not end here! Surprisingly enough she aced her training and it was decided that Guide Dogs Queensland wanted to keep Helen as a Brood to continue her genes. Helen was offered back to us, and since February 2011 we have again been looking after her.

Since then, Helen had her first litter of puppies, known as the "Q" litter during January 2012.

Current position

We are still looking after Helen, and have established a firm relationship with Guide Dogs Queensland.  We are also now in a position to be able to give back to the community financially. Because of this we have created our own Community Fund, and are donating directly to Gude Dogs Queensland. For every sale we make we ask you to help grow our Community Fund, and support Guide Dogs Queensland. During the check out phase you have the option to give $1 to this fund. From our end we will match these sale donations dollar for dollar, hopefully giving something substantial back!

Every dollar donated to Guide Dogs Queensland is directed to their services.  GDQ receive less than seven percent in Government funding for some specific rehabilitation services, but none is allocated towards their Guide Dog training program. Instead they rely heavily on community support. For reference, it costs around $30,000 to turn a pup into a fully fledged guide dog!

Want to know more about Guide Dogs Queensland? Head to their website to discover more.

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