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A medium to large flap style backpack. 42L volume fits 13, 15 & 17 inch laptops.

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Short and squat yet carries a lot...!

Damn... didn't mean to make that one rhyme but it has now stuck as an adequate description! We wanted to call the bag something else similar to "Chunky Toad" which is also short and squat (urbandictionary worthy), but weren't sure you were ready for that! Regardless, the name seems highly suitable and has now stuck!

The Chunky Toad, is part of our messenger backpack range with all the comforts of dual shoulder straps, complete with the ease of access of a flap style opening. It is perfect for those who need to quickly see everything in their bag, access it easily, yet dont want sore shoulders from carrying a messenger bag. It is large, yet manageable through strategically placed compression straps and can comfortably carry a carton of beer should you find the need!

Quick Look:

Chunky Toad is in stock and ready to ship!
 H: 470mm x W: 270mm at base, 530mm at fold / top x D: 180 to 225 mm
Volume: 42L (or two slabs of beer + ice)
 approx. 1.4kg 
Opening: Flap style top opening
iGuide: 13, 15 & 17 inch laptop in rear pocket, iPad in front pocket.
Material: 1000D Cordura Exterior, 300D Polyester interior
Water Resistant 

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The Chunky Toad is designed as an everyday backpack with room for the occasional big haul. It's 42L main tub comfortably fits 13, 15 and 17 inch laptops, and could possibly even carry a 21 inch moniter should you feel the need! The bag is slightly tapered which means it is easy to put in large items such as a full carton of beer. On the front internal wall there is a pocket sleeve which fits iPads, A4 notes, or a 13 inch laptop. On the back internal wall is a massive pleated pocket, sized to fit 17 inch laptops, or perfect for segregating items from the main tub. As it is pleated, it can expand to almost the same volume as the main tub, which is perfectly suited for keeping your dirty clothes separate from your daily work items!

On the outside of the bag is a pleated pocket for stashing your valuables and everyday items. As it is pleated, the contents of this pocket will not be crushed regardless of what is in the main tub! On the outside of this pocket is a dedicated pen pocket, as well as slip pocket for your phone, wallet, or business cards. Below the pleated pocket is our quick access D-lock sleeve, which prevents your valuables or the contents of the main tub from being crushed by this heavy, yet essential cycling item.

If what you want to carry doesn't fit inside the tub, multiple clip points enable you to safely lash it down to the outside. People have used it to carry bike frames, wheels, and even an oversized Esky on occasions! You can also use these clip points for hanging our pouches from. Because of the potential to carry a large load, there is top compression, as well as two buckles for holding the flap closed. You can also use the flap itself as compression should the need arise. This main flap is wide which provides good shower protection, while also having reflective tape, as well as clipping points for blinky lights.

The main shoulder straps are tapered (fatter over your shoulder for comfort), contoured and padded with 10mm of high quality EVA foam. They distribute heavy loads amazingly, and will not dig in or rub uncomfortably. Webbing on these straps are perfect for hanging pouches from, while D-rings make an easy point to clip your keys. The adjustment webbing is also replaceable should the need arise. There is a backpad as well, complete with removable 10mm EVA foam, and 1.5mm HDPE framesheet. With this combination, nothing will be able to stab you in the back ever again!

We highly recommend our hip belt upgrade with the Toad, as it increases comfort both on and off the bike with heavy and bulky loads. Oh, and the Toad has a very large secret pocket... big enough for A5 documents. It is perfectly sized for multiple passports (James Bond style), or a fat wad of cash.


Outer: 1000D Cordura, a highly abrasion resistant material built for heavy abuse!
Liner: 300D polyester, which gives the bag a soft and lightweight construction.

Chunky Toad is water resistant.

Stephen, 3/03/13
I've been using the bag for the last week and a half and so far i'm loving it! Exactly what I expected and more, have already gotten a few compliments on it. Strange to say, but those are the best drink bottles i've ever used! [edit: this is a custom upgrade] Perfectly secure for bottles and still great for small bits and pieces, they feel very sturdy and reliable. I haven't had a chance to test the extra lining but that time will roll around soon enough. Every bit as comfortable as I expected after trying your toad [edit: Yes, we have tester bags for you to borrow and try out!] and having the handle on top makes a big difference as well. It looks awesome as well, though I slightly regret not going a bit more wild on the colours. That being said, it is a good balance between being low key yet distinctive.

Once again, thanks so much for bearing with me through the whole process and producing a great bag! Definitely recommending BOgear to any of my friends looking for bags.
Rootbeer, 28/11/12
So I have now had my Toad for about a month and I feel like I can give some good feedback.

First off, this thing is great, and more than capable of anything you throw at it, but you already knew that. I have, on a daily basis carried more than I should because it can.
I feel that the weight distributes very well, and that it's sits comfortably on my shoulders. I find that the waste strap get used about 50% of the time.

I don't use the dlock pocket for a lock, but it works great for my rain coat rolled up and tucked in the slot.

I love the bag and I appreciate the hard work you kids put into them, I hope this info is helpful in some way.
Jesse C, 9/10/12
So this review has been a long time coming. I have had my bag for well over 6 months now and this thing has been abused. Not dragged along behind a car for 200 meters abused, but daily use, international travel and used as a seat on gravel abused.

It's been stuffed full of clothes that i didn't think would fit, it has carried copious amounts of beverage cartons, all whilst looking the goods and with out the slightest sign of wear. It has been shoved in overhead lockers, under bus seats, put simply i have tried to hurt this bag and it just doesn't quit.

Apart from its ability to survive, its also incredibly comfortable and functional. Its as if a man designed this bag. It has a massive beer carrying compartment, which i have filled with one full beer carton, and a premix carton at once, and what shocked me was that the bag didn't move on my back, there was no side to side sway, no hard edges digging into my back and it felt sturdy.

Inside are also two compartments, which i have termed the dirty caves, this is where my used articles of clothing are stored after a big night ride or after the ride of shame afterwards. it keeps the cleans from the dirty's. they also fit a key of pure columbian perfectly, cooincidense, i think not.

But what would a bag be with out the part that connects you to it, the straps brah. Initially i looked at the bag when i got it and thought that the straps were too thin, that they would dig into my delt's, traps and pecks and cause discomfort. I was wrong, dead wrong. this bag causes me no discomfort, and it is for this reason that I carry around a bag that fits 6 days worth of clothes, as an everyday bag.

I love my Chode.
Cooper, 4/06/12
Couldn't be happier with the bag. The rain just bounced off it today.
Maddy, 12/01/12
Hey guys, just a quick review, so I bought a Chunky Toad about a month ago. It's the best backpack I have ever used. It literally carries everything. I got 2 weeks worth of clothing and touring gear in it no worries, it helps with the shopping too.

The hipbelt carries a lot of the weight; definitely worth getting if you're using this bag to it's full potential. To be honest I find it hard to find stuff to fill it with, as my bag before was literally 1/4 the size of the CT. I'm going backpacking in March, no prizes for guessing what I'm carrying my gear in.

The BOgear dirtify me label is a cute touch, clearly made with a lot of love, and used with equal amounts.

Thanks BOgear!
Des, 22/08/11
I've been using the bag for a while now and thought to give you some feedback . First of all, it's very comfortable to wear and very stable when riding. I'm glad you talked me into getting that waist belt. Two of my biggest loads are carrying the weekly groceries and laundry and this bag does the job beautifully. It's much better than my Crumpler Famous Wine Bar which the Chunky Toad replaces. Even though both bags have roughly the same space, the square-ness of the chunky toad makes it a lot easier to load stuff in quickly. One thing that I did wish for was a carry handle to pop up when the bag is open (under the flap) so I can still carry it and load/unload stuff. Otherwise, I'm really happy with it.
Rob H, 21/06/11
I love the shit out of this bag. It's exactly the right size for carrying everything you could ever want to carry on a bike. I've loaded it full of 20kg of veges, hauled 18 1L Fowlers Vacola Jars in it, carried bike frames around, taken it on countless weekend-away-type adventures, and even blew a tube once when I managed to fit a full slab of Cooper's Pale in it (bag was totally fine and quite comfortable, tubes were weak). Love the ability to load it full of gear and then easily slide a laptop or books in as an afterthought. I very rarely leave the house without it as I inevitably end up having to drag something cumbersome around with me on the bike. I am continually annoying the shit out of everyone by telling them how awesome it is. So yeah. Love it.
Stevie T, 19/04/11
Just wanted to share: I was able to haul a 60cm frame today with my new generation BO bag. Worked beautifully thanks!
Matt, 6/04/11
Hey there Dave,
Just wanted to let you know that Chunky Toad and pouches arrived bright and early today. Thank you so much for going the extra effort with the reflective tape, I really appreciate it. That will certainly sort out those crazy car drivers! I can't wait to try this new creation out!!!

BOGear has come a long way, it's been great to see. The builds just get better and better. Nice one!!!
I am PSYCHED about dirtifying this bad boy.

Keep it real dude!

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