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18L of awesomesauce*, this pack is perfect for almost any weekend adventure. Small but damn tough.
*pack does not contain any sauce.

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If your weekends consist of a surf in the morning, a scramble in the arvo with a mix of climbing, hiking, running and riding in between then this is the bag for you. In a nutshell, the BullPup is designed with an active weekend in mind. It's 18L interior is enough volume for most short weekend trips without being too cumbersome, while having just enough pocketing and organsiation with a splash of clipping attachment points thrown in for good measure. Essentially we took the bigger Spare Camel, and shrunk it down in a hot wash. Result? A damn wicked little adventure pack.

Quick Look:

BullPup is in stock and ready to ship!
 H: 460mm x W: 270mm x D: 150mm
Volume: 18L (or two six packs / or 6 bottles of Bundy rum)
Weight: approx. 900g 
Opening: Clamshell, lay flat design
iGuide: 15 inch laptop in main compartment, 13 inch laptop in rear pocket
Material: 1000D Cordura Exterior, Partial 300D Polyester Liner
Water Resistant

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The overarching aim with this pack was to make a more sleek version of the popular Spare Camel while not reducing functionality. Did we achieve it? We think so! The pack is smaller giving good range of movement in activities such as scrambling or rock climbing. It doesn't hang off you, dangle or flap around when empty. Despite this it fits a tonne inside, while still allowing you to rig stuff to the exterior. This is done through four lines of clipping webbing designed to also happily attach pouches. Below this is a single strip of reflective tape for night time safety.

Remaining on the outside, at the top of the pack is a zippered pocket. This is located high for both ease of access and protection for lightweight items. This will comfortably fit a small point and shoot camera, or keys/wallet/phone. The main compartment is opened via burly #10 YKK zips complete with double pulls. These zips are protected with a zip flap to reduce wear and tear from dirt, dust, mud and anything your typical active weekend would throw at it. The double pulls mean you can open individual sections of the bag (top, side, etc), or rip it open and lay it flat. If you are a gear organisation freak, you will appreciate this as everything is suddenly open and in front of you. You can easily see all your gear, including stuff inside the two pleated mesh zippered pockets on the front wall. These are perfect for organising and sorting, while being mesh make it easy to see what is inside. The pleated design also means it can carry more than you think possible.

On the back interior wall is our infamous rear pleated pocket. This fits 13 inch laptops should you want to run this bag to work (or 15 inch laptops inside the main compartment). For the weekend warrior the pleated pocket easily fits up to 3L water bladders, or segregates dirty items from clean. While on the topic of water bladders, there are two d-rings hanging from the top which allow you to easily hang. Or you could use this to hang a cellblock M which allows even more pocketing and organisation - again up high and safe from crushing! There is also a covered port for your water bladder tube so you no longer need to run the hose between your zip pulls.

The backpack has a 5mm closed cell backpad which is just enough to stop things digging uncomfortably into your back. Size did not warrant it, so there is no HDPE framesheet in the pack, which in turn allows freedom of movement. Shoulder pads are laminated 10mm closed cell foam and feature our new "floating" design.


Outer: 1000D Cordura. Highly abrasion resistant material ready for anything you can throw at it.
Partial Liner: 300D polyester. This partial construction gives a light weight construction.

Black: Black exterior, dark grey liner, black webbing and black bartack 

Veo, 5/01/16
I thought that I'd better let you know that my bullpup arrived a couple of weeks ago. And I love it, I mean I really really love it. It's exactly what I was looking for. The build quality is awesome, love the materials, and the organization is just enough. Truly, you need to get the word out. Thanks again, and I will be promoting you guys any chance I get. You guys make a helluva backpack. Happy holidays.
Liam, 11/11/14
I love the bag. It sits so nice on the back when you are riding - and it sits a little bit away from the back when walking. RADNESS! Packing it is going to take a bit of getting used to with the clam shell design rather than the bottomless pit of the Shrinkage. The blind spots on it are non existent compared to the Shrinkage as well.

So after a rad weekend of hanging around Melbourne, I have fallen in love with this bag. It is so bigger than what it looks - I was able to fit everything for riding, and living in for 5 days - I even packed more than what I needed and bought some stuff down there too. On the way back the side compression straps came in handy. All of the mounting points just adds so many options for how to use the bag and you are constantly thinking of better ways to carry things. The addition of the cellblock is a no brainer. Perfect for the tools and other little bits.
Peter, 21/08/14
This is my 2nd review on the bullpup. I recently spent 5 weeks travelling around North America. My trusty bullpup bag was there every step of the way.

After being thrown around and used and abused…the bag still looks like its brand new. It's a good sized bag and has lots of compartments so you can more easily find things. The zipper makes it easy to open the bag up while going through customs without items falling out.

I used the cell block L & M as a great way to keep all my documents together for easy access while travelling.

I now own 4 different bags from BO Gear…The quality is excellent and the customer service is the best I have experienced. Even bicycle couriers stop and ask if it's a BO Gear bag :)
Keep up the great work Dave!
Peter, 5/04/14
I have had my bullpup for a number of weeks now. I use it as my everyday bag for work and it's surprisingly big. I can get my work gear in with no issues. It has plenty of compartments for keys/wallets etc. It's easy to get things in and out of the bag. I went with the grey and purple…and really happy with the end product. Its definitely a well made bag and I will get many years of use from it.

Cudos to Dave on the customer service. You don't get the same level of service from larger companies. The shipping was quick and efficient.

If you haven't bought from these guys before…take the plunge. You won't be disappointed!
Alvin, 1/04/14
Just wanted to let you know I received the bag today. It's is awesome! Love all the pockets and their functionality.

I've already filled it up with my everyday carry items and the bag holds everything great. The pleated pockets are genius! I have another bag with a pocket in the back but anytime I put anything in there that isn't flat I feel it stabbing my back. But with the pleated pocket in your bags I don't feel anything at all. I really can't say enough about how great this bag is for my needs. I own several other bags from camelbak, timbuk2, goruck and various military bags but so far the bullpup is tops.

Thank you again for the great customer service. Really glad I found a company that has the owner/designer actually responding to emails and making customizations to the design of the bag.

Oh and thank you for the fast shipping. I've had longer shipping times from California and you're literally another country.
Brad, 12/03/14
I gave the bag a test ride and it's freakin' awesome! Access to all the pockets and being able to open it up fully make such a difference to the Skwirt.
Adam, 5/03/14
The bag just arrived. Holy shit!!!! How am I going to explain to my wife I only paid $200 for this? [edit: Ordered a BullPup, Cellblock L, Flapper Mini] There is no way she is going to believe me. No work today but I am off to training and I found another use for the cell block, it fits my stinky boxing gloves perfectly and best of all away from the rest of my bags contents.
This is the best bag I own followed up by the best customer service I have experienced.

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Why the name BullPup? Well... Bull Shark pups are tough. They are a ball of muscle, stout, yet adaptable for both fresh and salt water. Even at 70cm long they could take a sizable chunk from your leg...

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