Reclaimed Tool Roll

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A simple, compartmentalised tool roll for when shit hits the fan

95% reclaimed content

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You hate to whip this out, but when you do, know it is all there...

It sucks having to delve into this pouch. Not because it is hard to use, ugly to look at, or smells... actually it does smell a bit, but that is beside the point. What I am trying to get at is when you need this pouch, it is usually because you have broken something, have a flat, or are drunkenly trying to prove whose spanner is bigger. Point is the situation requiring you to use them sucks, but using them does not. Phew that was hard to verbalise...


The reclaimed Tool Roll is made from 95% reclaimed material. Despite being made from "scrap" it is incredibly tough and built to last. Our Tool Roll is constructed from marine hooding (it is what canopies of small aluminium boats are made from) roll ends. This material is PVC coated (and smells a little!), and is currently only available in blue. It features three pockets of varying depths, and is fastened through webbing and reclaimed buckles. It is simple, yet effective!

The roll measures approximately 300mm x 250mm when open


Outer: 100% reclaimed blue PVC marine hooding, which is waterproof
Webbing: 20mm polyester
Buckle: reclaimed 20mm side release

Minimum 95% reclaimed content

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