Zip Paracord

We have talked about it before, but our zip pulls are pretty damn nice. However being perfectionists we know nice can always be better. Here is one way you can make your zip pulls better. FYI, this paracord upgrade option is now available from our website pre-cut and ready to install! 


Upgrade them to have a paracord zip pull. Why? It is simply much bettererer. Fact!

Too long and don’t want to read? Well grab a pack of paracord to upgrade any backpack here.

Now for the facts. Why should you upgrade? (Reason #2 is why I personally upgrade all of mine!)

1. *Jingle Jangle*
Bag pulls jangle a lot, and when you are active in your adventurous lifestyle this can get a tad annoying. You are not a domestic cat, nor are there (usually) any bears around, so remove those “bells”! If you could easily replace the jangling bits, and it didn’t change the functionality of the rest of the zip, wouldn’t you?

2. Smoother pull
Most standard pulls are metal, and because of this only have a limited range of movement before they physically cannot continue in that direction. Say you were to grab a zip without looking and then open a three sided zip. With a standard metal pull, there is a high chance that the body and pull will lock towards the end, causing you to put a lot of force both on the zip body, and the zip teeth. This causes premature wearing of the entire system, usually rendering your bag useless without a full zip replacement. You can tell if this is the case as zip pulls become a touch bent – have a look at your bags… chances are one of them are like this.

3. Gloves on Gentlemen
Sure most zipper pulls have a substantial body to grab hold of, but what if it is -10 and you are wearing super thick gloves. Suddenly a simple opening mechanism becomes the most infuriating thing in the entire universe. If you often wear gloves, chances are you are going to want a beefier pull. You know what, most of the time you are going to want a beefier pull (mind out of the gutter people).

Paracord colours

Point of the story? Well, we have just made available a Paracord Zip Upgrade. Available in a multitude of colours, and super easy to install. Grab these when you order a custom bag (and we will install it for you), or grab a pack after the fact and install it yourself. Guaranteed to make your life much less jingly-jangly, and possibly more awesome…

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