WTF Canvas Option

Our “scrap bin” is starting to overflow with canvas offcuts. Too small to make an entire bag, yet interesting enough that they cannot be thrown out! Solution? Make WTF Canvas packs!

If you check out our Custom Build section, you will notice that “WTF Canvas” is now an option. Check out what current colours we have in stock!

WTF Canvas Colours

These above colours are strictly limited, and once they are gone are usually gone. Some were from roll-ends, others graciously donated, but all are clean, new, and previously destined for landfill. If you are interested in a WTF Canvas pack and have a specific colour theme in mind, feel free to drop us an email with your ideas and we will work with you. Have a look below at some past examples of WTF Canvas BullPups as well as WTF Canvas Dufflays.WTF Canvas BullPup 18L Backpack

WTF Canvas Duffle Bag

WTF Canvas BullPup Pack

Wax Canvas Duffle


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