Wrapped Handle Upgrade

A feature upgrade on most of our Custom Packs is the Wrapped Handle. What is it, who is it for, … and well let me tell you more!

Custom Bullpup Backpack Black WTF CyanBlue

In this above image you can see the Wrapped Handle sneaking in at the top of the Custom Spare Camel pack. It consists of our standard 25mm Webbing, with 50mm Webbing wrapped around the outside. This provides a slightly stiffer feel, yet softer as the raw edges of the 25mm Webbing is covered by the Seatbelt.

Custom Bullpup Pack Wrapped Handle Feature

From a different angle you can now see how the handle is constructed. This is perfect for those who have to hand carry on a semi regular basis, as the standard 25mm Webbing handle can get a little uncomfortable with extended use. I personally do not run this on my pack but know a lot of people specify it for that extra level of comfort without losing strength or durability. If anything it adds strength to the handle, but you would have a very hard time pulling this out even when it is a standard handle!

BOgear Wrapped Handle Feature Upgrade

From yet another angle you can see how the 50mm webbing starts out wide, tapers in to wrap around the 25mm webbing, and creates the comfortable edges in your hand. Because of this simple wrapping no raw edges touch the side of your hand, giving that increased hand comfort. Oh, and the machine in the background is our Bartacker which produces the beautiful tacks on the handle itself. Bit of a behind the scenes shots for all you fellow Bag-Geeks!

This feature is currently available on our Custom Spare Camel and BullPup, and standard on our Medic Packs. Future packs will also likely have this feature as it is daaaaaamn comfortable!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line or leave a comment below. For now, here are a couple more inspirational beauties featuring this upgrade:

Custom Spare Camel Pack Navy LimeCustom Spare CamelPack Navy Wax Canvas


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