Dear BOgear,
I’ve got a couple of under-the-saddle style tool pouches but my thighs rub them when cycling. I saw your Jersey Pocket Pouch can be used as a saddle bag but don’t think it will fit everything I need. What can it fit?
Love and Kisses,


Dear X,
Thanks for your enquiry!
Guess what? We are just about to write a blog post on this exact topic! Here you go:


Okay, I made the “Love and Kisses” bit up, but the rest of it is pretty much true. Honest!

Chances are you have seen our Jersey Pocket Pouch. It is a pleated pocket lined with waterproof raincoat material (kind of like GoreTex but without the expensive brand name).  It is also highly abrasion resistant, but enough about the features… you can read up on it over here. What this pouch is perfect for is protecting your phone, wallet, or anything that you don’t want to get wet during a rainy ride, or drenched in sweat during a summer ride. Although named after its ability to fit inside your jersey pocket, these pouches come equipped with two strips of VELCRO® ONE-WRAP® perfect for strapping underneath your seat.

Essentially it is a multipurpose pouch which conveniently can do double duty as a tool roll. We have shown you photos of the pouch in “iBrain protection mode” before, but what about loaded up with spare tubes? What exactly can it fit?!
Jersey Pocket Pouch with tubes

Well this is it loaded up with two tubes and a small patch kit. No it isn’t particularly wide or bulky. And no it shouldn’t rub your thighs even if completely full. It is slightly wider than an iPhone in this photo.

Don’t believe me? Check the contents out..!

Jersey Pouch tube

Jersey Pocket Pouch Tube and Contents

2x 700c tubes
4x Patches
2x Grey canvas tyre boots
1x Lezyne tyre patch
1x Tube glue
3x Tyre levers
2x Blue Cordura tyre boots (so I get a lot of side wall tears…!)
1x Piece sandpaper
1x Strap to hold everything together (except the tubes)

Not shown:
2x Small Allen keys
1x 15mm Spanner (this is strapped to the rear of the pouch using the lines of clipping webbing)

So as you can see, this is a pretty versatile little pouch which not only will protect your phone and valuables, but also does double duty as a tool roll. Best bit? It is small in size yet relatively large in carrying capacity! Oh, and no Mr/Mrs X, it wont rub your thighs!


* VELCRO® and ONE-WRAP® are registered trademarks of Velcro BVBA, used with permission

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