Webbing Colours

Want to grab some custom gear from us, but feeling a little unsure as to what webbing colour is which? Fear no more my friend, we are here to help!

All our webbing colours can be seen below. If there is a colour that you like, be quick as often when they run out we don’t get more stock in. Oh yeah, and all our webbing is proudly Australian Made!

BOgear Webbing Colours


From Left to Right: Black, Grey, Blue, Gold, Purple, Pink, Camo (multicam), Fluro Orange, Fluoro Yellow

Black works well with everything. It is pretty much a fail safe colour. If in doubt, go black!

Grey is also a fairly fail safe colour. It goes with most of the fabric colours although the following look particularly sharp: Black, Grey, Navy, Coyote, Forest, or UCP Camo

Blue is a very strong colour so is a touch harder to work with. It goes well with Black, Grey, Red (if you like a nautical theme), and Royal or Navy blue

Gold suits a lot of the camo combinations quite well. Multicam as well as AUSCAM look sharp. Black, Navy, Forest, and surprisingly Coyote looks good as well.

Another very strong colour which is semi hard to work with. It looks very impressive (regal even!) with Grey fabric. Also sexy with Black, however it really shines with Ausdesert Camo. Purple just brings out a punchy-ness to the Ausdesert Camo that is ooooh so nice!

I am a sucker for Pink webbing on Royal blue. Surprisingly it also works remarkably well with UCP Camo, and in a pinch on Ausdesert Camo. And as always it doesn’t look too shabby on top of Black, or Grey.
Side note, in dusky low light situations it is impossible to tell the difference between Pink and Fluoro Orange. Both of these colours pack a punch and almost glow when the daylight gets dim.

This is an extremely limited webbing colour which looks neat on Black, or Coyote. Due to its unique print it also shines on Multicam fabric.

Fluoro Orange
This is a very punchy colour, which is fantastic on Fluoro Orange or Fluoro Yellow fabrics. It also does quite well on Navy, or Coyote (which was surprising to work out!). Auscam or Multicam also ties in nicely with Fluoro Orange for that “safety Camo” feel.
Side note, in dusky low light situations it is impossible to tell the difference between Pink and Fluoro Orange. Both of these colours pack a punch and almost glow when the daylight gets dim.

Fluoro Lime
Fluoro lime is another one of those punchy colours which almost hurts your eyes to look at! As with most fluoro colours it looks good on all the fluoro fabrics. It also looks neat on Black, Grey, Royal Blue, and Forest (this surprised me!)

Burnt Orange
Burnt orange is the same “orangeness” as the fluoro orange, but without the fluoro “eye searingly brightness”. Burnt orange looks mighty fine with AUSCAM (brings out an orange tinge to the pattern), as well as Black, Navy, Grey, Coyote, or Forest Green.


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  • Shaye Sparks

    Hey Dave,
    On your custom messenger bag you have an option for red webbing.
    Do you have a picture of a bag with the red or just the fabric I could look at?

    • bocrew

      Hey Shaye,
      Thanks for the interest! :)
      I’ve attached some pics for you below of the red webbing. One is on a custom Sindrome Messenger Bag, the other Red/Red and on a BullPup Backpack. Should help with colour visualisation! :)
      Any other questions feel free to drop me a line: bocrew@bogear.com.au and I’ll flick more images your way and discuss ideas with you.