We have moved!

SO PUMPED! We have moved premises! Our last studio was getting a little cramped and the team were sick of having to play Tetris to get anything done. Plus this new one is cooler. Soooo much cooler! (Which with our Brisbane humidity is a good thing!)

Want to visit us? Make sure you call ahead, but we can now be found at:
Unit 3, 29 Watland St
QLD, 4127

For those that have visited us before, we are on the same street, but two doors up and away from the freeway. Although physically close, it was still a monumental task to get everything sorted and over. Big thanks to everyone who helped; Simon, Chris, Jesse, Al, Dan, and Lukee you are all LEGENDS!

Before we get too far though, lets check it out prior to us moving in…

New premises empty

Here it is before any work was done. Dodgy photoshop stitch work, yet it still looks the goods! 205m2 in area, this was a gym closely followed by a karate studio prior to us moving in so featured 50mm gym matting flooring covered with carpet tiles. While super comfortable under foot, unfortunately carpet and thread doesn’t play very well. Because of this we needed to lift the floor, clear it up, paint it and get it smooth and ready for easy cleaning.

Let it be said I never want to see another carpet tile again. Those little things are the devil and the glue which binds it to the concrete should burn in hell along with it! My hands hate me, as it took a solid two weeks of scraping to get back to bare concrete. However onwards and upwards, this now meant we had a suitable flooring to apply paint. Paint down, it certainly now looks a treat!

Electricity was switched on, lights and power points installed, the only thing missing was internet. Internet is still down at the moment, so please be patient if we are slow to get back to you…

Onto the move itself!
Move wise, everything was loaded up onto pallets, and shifted via truck. Big thanks to Al for this – he was a PRO! Below is some of our WIP or work in progress, boxed up and palletised prior to pallet wrapping. Almost looks like we work for Aussie Farmers Direct with all the reclaimed boxes we use!

Moving sewing shop pallets

Palletising items like this meant the move was much easier than it could have been. 4 hours to do the physical move, but three days to pack and unpack! All our gear safely into the new studio, you can see below it fast starting to take shape.

New premises just in

So, how about a video of the new premises? Sure… why not!

Hey, Dave here from BOgear and I am super pumped. The reason why is because we have a new Studio and I would really like to show you. But before I do I would like to say a big Thank You to all the legends that helped us over the weekend. Chris, Simon, Jesse, Luke, Dan, and probably most important of all is Al. Without his help there is absolutely no way we would have got this done; he has a truck, he has an electronic pallet jack, and a pile of pallets and it made the entire move supremely easy.

Now, would you like to check out the new shop?

This is it! It is a heck of a lot bigger than our previous place, and cooler. So much cooler! The last place literally felt like a sweat shop, an Australian Sweatshop. It may be 35 degrees outside, but it felt like 42 degrees inside, and you would be dripping in sweat. So here is the shop. On the left as you enter is a meeting and communal eating area; an area to meet and for the team to hang out. Directly in front is our packing and postage table, while off to the right is the webbing shelves. On here is our Webbing, Hook-and-Loop and all the different colours that we deal with.

Oh, and excuse the mess. It is absolutely messy at the moment as there are boxes everywhere. It is like a bomb went off! As I am sure you can understand it is a bit nuts, and things are still being moved around.

Beside our roller door is our webbing cutting table. This is glass topped, which is perfect for hand held hot knife use. Underneath this table is our pre-laminated foam for shoulder strap manufacture. Beside this is our entry bay which is where all our raw material comes in. At the moment we still have a pile of unused cutting tables which we are looking to offload. Behind this on the back wall is a set of shelves filled with buckles, cam buckles, hooks and so forth. Beside this is our shelves with all the fabric on. We have deliberately run down as much fabric as we can to make the move a heck of a lot easier. A little further away is our Automatic Webbing cutter, which should be in the roller door entry bay. The reason for this is so the fumes can get out so it doesn’t smoke out the studio. Not that this is a really big problem as there is a tonne of vertical air space above so it will naturally rise and get sucked out by the fans and ventilation shafts.

Oh, and while we are looking up, up the top is our mezzanine level. This at the moment is set up as our design area, and I can’t show you up there as there is a tonne of mess, also a couple of projects which we are working on at the moment which are top secret.

But lets get back to it. So from the fabric shelves is our 8.4m cutting table. On here we do all our cutting; individual and bulk. From there orders are cut out, and once cut gets bundled up and placed on the Work In Progress shelves. Beside this is our Order Board, which looks empty at the moment because we’ve got to cut a lot out – we are a bit behind on cutting! On the left are items which need to be cut, while on the right is stuff which needs to be sewn or processed.

From here is probably the most exciting bit; the actual sewing machines! At the front is our Bartacker. Closely followed by Felisa’s machine which is a Straight Stitch. Behind this is Gene’s machine which is a Walking Foot. And then there is a dedicated Binder behind this. At the very back is a Needle Feed machine which is what we do all our mesh with. So all our gear gets sewn on these machines and then gets placed in our Trimming box. So in here is stuff which has all been finished, but needs to be trimmed and photographed. From here we throw it up on our Photography Table, which is at the back of the room. This isn’t set up at the moment so our soft box lights are randomly in the studio at the moment. This is for taking the photos with; to make the bags ready to share with the world. From here it goes out the door and then into your hands!

Oh, and we also have a little kitchen hidden underneath the mezzanine.

So this is where the magic happens! So welcome to the new BOgear studio. Heck of a lot bigger, heck of a lot more room and as you can probably tell I am super excited!

Thank you for the support. Thank you for helping us get here. Thank you for placing the orders and believing in us and allowing us to grow to get to this space!

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