Understanding our Mesh

We use mesh in our zippered pleated pockets, but it can also be used to construct an entire bag. Fearful that it might not be strong enough? Don’t be; it is a very premium material and ridiculously strong! Read up and learn a little more about this mesh, and why we chose it!

BOgear Mesh ColoursFirst off, the mesh we use is a Military Grade HD mesh, used for vests and other load carriage devices. Designed and specified for the Australian Military it certainly will last the long haul. More of a science and numbers person? Well, it is 400gsm, which is a heavier weight than the 1000D Cordura we use. It has a breaking strain on 1400N across the length, and a tearing strength of 160N. It really is tough stuff…

Usually the first part to break or tear in a pack is little details like pocketing, mesh and so forth. I can confidently say this will not be the case with our bags. This HD Mesh is the best we can get our hands on!

Now, check out some of the mesh bags we have done in the past. Some feature little mesh details, while others are completed entirely from mesh. Regardless, so damn fine!







Navy-Mesh-Duffle Navy-Mesh-Lined-Duffle Navy-Pink-Mesh-Duffle

WTF-Mesh-Duffle-Bag WTF-Mesh-Duffle


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