Second in our Location, Duration, Recommendation series comes from within. Shout out to Team member Jesse for taking the plunge and providing the inside scoop on the image!

Leather Backpack Lighthouse

Watson’s Bay, Hornby Lighthouse. NSW

Day trip, exploring and walking around the headland, along with a Custom Kangaroo Leather BullPup we made for my Dad. Yes, I stole it for this trip.

Nudist beaches… if you are into that.
The area has a beautiful view of the Eastern inlet of Sydney Harbour. This is the Southern end of the harbour entrance and has unobstructed views of the ocean. Couple of little beaches and some really damn fine restaurants in the area. The lighthouse is at the back of the Navy Base and there are a couple of old bunkers in the area for all you history buffs! Get there by ferry from Circular Quay, which is an experience in itself. Also good for watching sail boats and navy ships come in from the ocean.

Watsons Bay Bunkers Leather Pack Watsons Bay, Hornby Bunkers Leather Pack Watsons Bay, Hornby Lighthouse Bunkers

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