Travel Tips: Bayswater UK

Location, Duration, Recommendation. This is the first in an ongoing plan to share where BOgear bags have been, coupled with the things people learned along the way.

I’ve had this idea kicking around in my head for a while thanks to a good friend of mine, Helen (no, not the Guide Dog/Chief Customer Service Licker). She suggested we write a guide for all the locations and areas our bags have been. Kind of like a “I’ve been here, this is good” type arrangement, but with a BOgear flavour. Over a couple of Beers and Yakitori we distilled the idea into two parts:

Part One: Customers, friends and fans already send in photos. Why not share these with our current community.
Part Two: Lets delve deeper into the images and discover more about their experiences, and then share it. Essentially adding a deeper connection to the images for everyone involved.

Want to be part of this experiment? Send us an email ( with your high-resolution image and answer the following questions:

Location: (Where was the shot taken)
Duration: (How long were you in the area for? Just passing through, or a couple of days/weeks?)
Recommendation: (What is good in the area? What little tips do you have?)

So to kick it off, Sam has provided his “LDR” (Location, Duration, Recommendation) for Bayswater UK featuring his Custom Spare Camel Backpack. First up, the image:

Bayswater UK Subway Stop

Location: Bayswater Tube Station. Photo taken leaving London on the way to Iceland.

Duration: London for 5 days. 2 days raining, 3 days full sun!

Recommendation: Sites to see in Bayswater are dodgy Russians, and Kensington Gardens / Palace which is nice. Oh and other “sites” to see was a LOT of half naked extremely white people in Kensington Gardens during the ‘heat wave’ of low 20 degree Celcius!

This was the Spare Camel’s first big test for waterproofing. The Wax Canvas gave awesome results – Zero leakage (and I had done the pre-wetting etc when I first got it).

Sam’s Spare Camel was the first Navy Wax Canvas we ever built. I dived through the archives to find original photos, but it seems we neglected to photograph it. But not to be someone deterred, I rustled up other photos of Navy Wax Canvas Spare Camel packs. Enjoy!

Spare Camel Navy Canvas Burnt OrangeCanvas Navy CamelPackNavyCanvas CamelpackNavy Canvas Camelpack BackPack

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