The Land Rover Defender of Backpacks

Given the public holiday gods decided to combine Easter and Anzac day, I am currently on holiday and exploring a small section of the Northern Territory. Up here there are a lot of super tough four wheel drives as the terrain can be incredibly harsh and unforgiving. One such four wheel drive I keep pointing out to my wife. In my mind it is the ultimate adventure vehicle which I would love to own and abuse and explore this beautiful country with. What should it be, but the humble Land Rover Defender.

I cannot make this up… but what should pop to my attention when I am back into reception zone? An awesome review of our Spare Camel backpack from Cycle Exif, comparing our gear to the Land Rover Defender.

In summary: while other bags are designed around the seasons latest styles or trends, the Spare Camel is constructed to last for years. It’s the Land Rover Defender of backpacks. Dave is a standup guy who offers unmatched customer service, ensuring your bag becomes your ultimate piece of kit. I’m looking forward to travelling together for many years to come.

I am honestly humbled that an adventure vehicle that I admire should be used in comparison to our gear. Thank you Adam, I am truly honoured. If you aren’t already following Cycle Exif, head on over and read the full review!

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