Spare Camel & D-Locks

Our Spare Camel is our first bag without a dedicated D-lock sleeve. Despite this it can still carry D-locks easily. Watch as we show you how, as well as revealing a quick access “sleeve” on most of our backpacks!

If you carry one lock, a good little spot to carry it in is the front zippered pocket (this previously used to be a slip style sleeve – more details on this update can be found here). It just slots straight on in and is very secure. If you happen to be like my wife and have had a couple of bikes stolen and are particular about locking up securely, the Camel can carry two D-locks easily.

To do so, undo your lock shank, weave one arm up and underneath the clipping webbing. Do the lock back up, and then hold down the other arm underneath the side compression buckles. Repeat this for the other side of the bag, and hey presto you are carrying two locks!

Another little trick which I have just discovered is a quick access pocket for if you are using the lock regularly. Being honest, the bag wasn’t designed to do this, but it absolutely works a treat. Word of warning, this may not be comfortable for long distance riding, but if you are darting in and out of buildings all the time, you might appreciate this ease of access.

What are we talking about? If you are not using a hip belt, the sleeve in the backpad can be used very effectively as a D-lock sleeve. Simply slide it in from one side, ensuring the lock is between the HDPE plastic and the back of the bag. This way the padding is still touching your back and is comfortable, the HDPE is distributing the “lump” of the D-lock over a bigger surface area, and the main strap webbing is locking it all in place. Really easy to access, but also really secure. Neat!

Good thing about this “easy access pocket” is it works on all our bags with a HDPE frame sheet – be it the Chunky Toad, Shrinkage, or the Singularity.

So that is how you can hold D-locks with the Spare Camel. If you have any questions about our bags please don’t hesitate to contact us, or leave a comment below.

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