Prototype BabyCamel Name Competition

Our smaller version of the popular Spare Camel is just about ready for production! Have you seen our video showcasing the size and features? I am super pumped about it, however am having a hard time coming up with a name. I’ve got a couple of ideas (one of which was customer submitted) and would love to know what you think.

Prototype small backpack

Take a read over the following names and vote for your favourite. As a special thank you for voting I will enter you in a draw to win one from the first batch!


How to vote:
Unlike when you approach a polling booth for a general election we are not going to hand you useless pieces of paper with VOTE ONE written all over it…
If you are pressed for time, what I suggest is quickly reading over the BOLD names below and voting for your favourite using the multiple choice option below. Or if you are in more of a reading mood, cover the explanation behind the names and give it a good contemplation.
Once you have decided, vote for your favourite (using the multiple choice form). Don’t forget to leave your name, and contact number – otherwise we will have no way to contact you if you get drawn as the winner! These personal details will not be shared with anyone else, and only used for this competition.

Vegans and vegetarians you might not want to read on, or vote for this name…
For all you carnivores out there, know when you finish a good chicken wing and all that is left is the nubby bit at the end and you just gnaw on it? No? Just me? Anyway, I call this bit the nubblet. You know, the little nub at the end which is soooo damn good.

I don’t know, but the word nubblet is not only cool but also seems apt for a good bit / bag, and the small bit / bag at the end. Am I grasping at straws here? Can you see the correlation?

Okay, a tad boring, but seeing as we have given this pack the prototype name of BabyCamel, it seems only fair that we give the option of BabyCamel as the final name as well. Technically a Baby Camel is called a Calf, but shit that is boring. So… how about BabyCamel?

Only problem with this name is it could easily be confused for its larger brother, the Spare Camel – especially as we often shorten the names to just Camel.

Dirty Drom
This was actually a partial suggestion from one of our followers, which I took the liberty of twisting and generally making a little more stupid. Dirty Drom is based off a Dromedary Camel. Being honest, I don’t want to call the bag a Dromedary bag, as this could easily be confused for MSR Dromedary water bladders. But, being the tongue in cheek company that we are, a Dirty Drom just kind of snuck into my mind… I like the name, it has a twist, and it kind of suits the whole “evolution” of the product lineup.

Does the Dirty Drom gather your vote?

So, the story goes that I finished the final sample bag mid way through a Friday (at the start of the Australia Day long weekend). Being content with my weeks work I decided to knock of early and head up to Mt Crosby Weir to go fresh water fishing. The weather was amazing, the sun just right, and so I found myself wading in the smooth flowing fresh water retrieving lures.

After about 45 mins of waist deep wading and no luck whatsoever I decided to move further upstream. I walked upstream about 10 meters, and on my first cast hit a snag on the opposite bank. I was using braided line so knew I couldn’t snap it. I waded in to knee deep and was about to cut the line when I noticed a black sinister shape working its way towards me. I shat myself, cut the line and backed out. Likewise the sinister shape shat itself, and darted away.

Not entirely sure what I saw I stood there waiting and watching. Sure enough a minute or so later a small bull shark pup swam past. 60-odd centimetres long, but still big enough to take a chunk out of my leg. Needless to say I won’t be wading in this section of the river again!

Anyway, it seems apt that the first “exciting” thing I encounter after finishing the pack was a bull shark pup, aka bullie, aka bull pup. Now in the interests of being open, if you type in BullPup into good ol’ uncle Google, the first thing that pops up is a machine gun. Not that I want this bag to be associated with weapons, but it still is apt, as a Bullpup rifle refers to a shorter, more squat and super tough rifle, rather much like a bull shark, and if you extrapolate it even further… this pack.

So… does BullPup fly as a name?

Love to know your thoughts!

Don’t forget to vote to enter in the draw to win your own!



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  • Benjamin Carr

    Should be called the Pygmy-Back!

    • bocrew

      Pygmy-Back… I like! Mind if we could possibly re-use this for a future product? Would really suit any small bag!

      • Benjamin Carr

        Feel free mate!

  • Angus

    Rocking bag Dave..
    I vote “Junior Camel”
    (which is probably a donkey vote given that its not on the list ;)

    • bocrew

      :) Thanks Angus! Appreciate it!

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