Sindrome Seconds Sale

Sindrome Seconds Sale… Try saying that ten times after drinking a beer!



You know what? Sometimes people make mistakes. Like my mate who once pissed on an electric fence. Shocking really! *bad attempt at a dad-joke*
Well, we made a mistake. And we are owning up to it. And here is your chance to benefit from our mistake.

We made a batch of “Left Handers” bags. Most people wear their messenger bags slung over their left shoulder (known as a right handers bag). Unfortunately we attached the straps to the opposite side, meaning these bags are worn slung over your right shoulder



In addition to this, there is no stabiliser strap. We installed it on the wrong side, and had to hot knife it off (otherwise you would be using the stabiliser strap as a weird form of strap between your legs… kind of like how a jock strap feels… not that I know what it feels like… honest. Nothing against jock straps. Okay… I’ll stop digging myself a hole now.)

Base-Cut-Stabiliser-StrapSo on the base of these messenger bags is still our clipping webbing, but no stabiliser strap. The finish is so clean you don’t even notice. But lets highlight it anyway in the interests of clarity.

Cut-Stabiliser-StrapSo as you can see, very neatly finished, complete with hot knife seared edge. Nope, it wont fray on you.

So, despite these two small mistakes the Seconds Sindrome still lives up to our standards. It is constructed from 1000D cordura outer, lined with 420D nylon, and has billboard material sandwiched in between for waterproofing. Every bartack is super strong, every seam double checked. All edges bound. It still features hip and shoulder compression, and is still a duck nuts bag.

And here is where you come in. Want to grab a massive bargain? We have reduced the price of these bags considerably as they are taking up space in our studio, and we don’t like to be daily reminded of our mistakes. Grab a banger of a bargain and save us from continuing to upset ourselves!




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