Sindrome Reviewed

Check out this custom Sindrome to leave the studio last week. Even features dual reflective strips for extra speed! Coyote brown exterior, blue webbing, red interior. SHARP!

Sindrome-Med-Messenger-Bag-red Sindrome-Med-Messenger-Bag Sindrome-Medium-Messenger-Bag

And given we are on the topic of Sindromes, I received this lovely review from a customer. Seriously makes me pumped to receive such positive feedback for our Australian Made messenger bags!

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your email.

ID1276 arrived on Thursday. I am greatly impressed, considering how most things I order online take up least two weeks before I receive them.

I was assured that I have made the correct choice as soon as I opened the package. The Sindrome is actually bigger than the impression I had which is great. Big enough without looking silly on me.

I have no background/experience as a messenger/courier, but to me THIS is a bag. As an architect, I have learnt to appreciate the honest aesthetics of functional detailing. So when I wanted a versatile bag to haul various items for various purposes, I thought why get it from those who are trying to emulate the messenger bag but actually more for fashion, why not just get it from the people who actually make proper messenger bags. The couple of colleagues I showed the bag to was immediately taken with the construction quality and apparent functional design. One even commented that it is the correct size as a carry on luggage.

Thank you for the mini straps. The first thing I did was attach the cell block to the flap of the front pocket. This weights the flap down and gives it a bit more security (I think). I note the mini straps’ length matches the webbings on both the cell and bag so they fit together just right. Good attention to details (which what I like ) makes the cell look like it is actually part of the bag. It would be good to have a couple more rows of webbing at the lower part of the pocket where the reflective strips are. Gives the same options of attachment as the webbing on the pocket flap. Looks good while being functional (my dad was in the military so I grew up loving those kind of aesthetics).

It took me a while to find the secret pocket. Only because you mentioned it… Had you not said anything, I wouldn’t have realised there was one.

Again great detailing like the Loop tabs on the end of the straps for securing them.

As I don’t commute by bicycle (please do not think any less of me) so I thought of converting the D-lock sleeve into what another customer of yours has called the napoleon pocket. The strap for securing the D-lock will still be useful. I thought of finding a way to attach a water-bottle sleeve/pouch on this side of the bag and the strap would be good for holding the sleeve/pouch from dangling. Some more rows of webbing on both side panels of the bag will good too to attach more accessories like these for the urban hiker.

The real test will be when the family goes for a holiday in Singapore where there will be a lot of urban trekking with the family essentials stuffed into the bag.

Let the dirtification process begin!

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