Simple Sally Zippered Organisation Pouches

The Team have just finished a fresh batch of Simple Sally’s!

Thanks to Jesse for photographing… Usually we throw them up online without taking a picture ’cause they don’t last long, but not this time as Jesse thought they deserved their own picture!

So these are the new colours of our Simple Sally zippered organisation pouches:


Zippered Organisation Pouches EDC Zippered Organsier Pouch

Stealth Black (Black fabric, Black stitch, Black webbing, Black paracord)
Navy (Navy fabric, White stitch, Lime webbing, White paracord)
Brown (Brown fabric, White stitch, Gold webbing, Gold Diamond paracord)

Get Organised!

Hey Dave, really love the look of your Simple Sallies. Wish I had one as a pencil case when I was at school. What else could you use them for?

What else could we use them for? Well the end use is only limited by your imagination. Constructed from 1000D Cordura, or Canvas the exterior is tough enough to withstand being dumped in the dirt, dragged across the ground, and used on a daily basis for years. Undoubtedly you will find a million more uses than what I use mine for, but here are some examples:

Zippered Travel Passport CaseSimple Passport/Travel organisation case. This is how I used to use mine before Simon built me a prototype Fused Goods Passport Case. Fitted my passport perfectly, as well as my phone and wallet, pen for filling out forms, boarding pass and any receipts I needed to keep.

Simple Sally Toiletries Organsier PouchThis is probably the method I use the most; a small and simple toiletries case. Almost everything you need to keep you clean and smelling fresh as a daisy while travelling. I have used this pouch to fit my wife’s toiletries in as well while we were hiking… almost double what is there at the moment but a bit more squished…

Simple Sally Organiser Pouch Daily Essentials EDCTraveling to a meeting and want to keep little miscellaneous items with you but don’t want them rattling around in your bag or your pocket? Yeah the Simple Sally works a treat for this too. I often use it for coffee shop meetings, holding my wallet and business card holder (another Fused Goods Specialty Item), keys, earbuds, pens, pencils, erasers, USB drive, and all those little fiddly things which get lost at the bottom of your bag.

Simple Sally EDC PouchSo this particular load out I haven’t used much before… but… the Simple Sally does hold a Opinel #8, Pelican torch, whistle and other little EDC items for when you are off on a picnic or little mini-adventure. I did stash some paracord in the pouch as well for rigging up a tarp but I couldn’t find it for this photo…

Simple Sally Org Pouch Work ElectronicsI normally use my EDC / Digital Nomad pouch for all my digital peripherals, but for when I really want to travel light, the Simple Sally works well to hold it together. 2TB hard drive, charger for my iPad, connector cord for the iPad/iPhone/iBrain, and the USB thumb drive from a previous picture. Holds it all comfortably and in a neat little package! Doesn’t drop to the bottom of my bag any more, nor rattle around.

Simple Sally First Aid PouchFAKs, or First Aid Pouches. Yup, the Simple Sally also does this perfectly! I keep my gear in AlokSak’s (water tight over-built versions of a snap-loc bag), which then neatly stash in the Simple Sally. I also have my Poncho and reflective Emergency Blanket just in case. These are relatively flat packing items so I can also stash a strip of Micropur water purification tablets just in case. Best bit being a bright Orange pouch is it is easily found in my pack.


So there you have it. These are the multiple ways that I have used my pouch at the moment. I know of others who have used it as a treat pouch for their dog, and as a Jelly Bean holder for long drives! How do you use yours? Limited only by your imagination, leave a comment below and let me know!

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