Simple Royd Handle Bar Rigging Method

Lets be honest, traveling with an unwieldy, bulky and heavy bike box sucks. It is hard to get from the airport to your final destination, and you are reliant on public transport or dodgy maxi-taxis. Thankfully this isn’t the case with our Royd Bike Bag.

I’ve discussed how to protect your bike before for airline travel, I’ve also discussed how to get the weight of the bike bag off your back and onto your handlebars. But never before have I seen it strapped up so simply and elegantly.

Royd Bike Bag Strapped to Handlebars

Derek is currently riding over in Thailand and sent through some pictures of how he straps his Royd to his handlebars. Using the straps which come with the bag, as well as a single rigging strap (an oversize zip tie would also work, or a punctured bike tube in a pinch) he has come up with a way to strap it down and prevent shifting.

How to hold your Bike Bag Royd Handle Bar Bike Bag

Here is how he did it:
1. Lay the Bike Bag on your stem. Webbing should face downwards, and zip should face you as you ride your bike
2. Run the compression straps under the handlebar, and then around your Royd.
3. Place any extra items on top (like bike lock – HEAVY! – or shoes, wet towel, etc).
4. Clip up and tighten.
5. Run a rigging strap (or a length of string / zip tie (you know I love zip ties!) / dead inner tube) around the compression straps you just did up, and then under your stem.
6. Adjust and tighten as appropriate.
7. Your Royd Bike Bag is now locked down, incredibly secure and wont move. In addition you are going to be comfortable as all that excess weight is removed from your back and onto your bike

Thanks a million to Derek for sharing these awesome photos and dead simple way of holding it in place! This is elegantly simple, and has my tick of approval!

Ride Safe!

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