Showcasing Pink (and how to use it well)

Pink. Typically a “girls” colour right? WRONG. Truth is there is no such thing as a “girls” colour, or a “boys” colour, despite what baby product designers may tell you. All there is, is a colour which you like or you don’t like.

Interestingly enough the majority of our Pink bags are sold to guys, so forget your baby-product-designer notions and grab it if it appeals to you. (as a side, why it sells to more guys is usually because they think it wont be stolen by other guys!).

Now that we’ve got that out of the way lets take a look at the humble colour PINK. At the moment we have it available in our Webbing and our Bartack options. We also have – from time to time – paracord in this beautiful colour. In the past we have got a small run of 1000D Cordura in Hot Pink, and it sold like hot cakes, but was virtually impossible to source again.

So, Pink… how can you use it. Well first of all it is a very bright colour. It also is fluorescent so in low lights will appear to glow rather like how our Fluoro Orange “glows”. In fact in low light situations it is virtually impossible to tell the two colours apart. So knowing that the webbing is bright you can use this to your advantage. You can either use it as a visual punch to the face like this:

BullPup Pack grey pink yellow

This visual assault does pack a punch, but boy-oh-boy does it make a statement. Mixed with careful bartack and paracord colouring you definitely will be onto a winner.

The other way you can use it, is as an accent colour like this:

Bullpup Backpack grey greypink white

Doing it as above uses the Pink as an accent, tying everything together neatly. The White and the Grey are extra colours which make the Pink shine but not steal the show. Package rating is 10/10 awesomes.

It also looks stupidly nice as a bartack colour, pulling together a design like this:

Auscam Mesh Duffle Pink Purple accentsIn this above image it works well to tie the two colours of pink and purple together. Without this accent bartack it wouldn’t have as much visual “pop”

Ordering can be a scary process, so make sure you email us if you have some different ideas but are unsure how to order it / document it / specify it. We often can substitute out a single line of webbing for another colour, or suggest bartack accents which would tie the bag together easily. Dare I say, our Team are masters at colour play ensuring that your bag will stand the colour-test of time and still be as awesome 5, 10, 20 years from when you first grabbed it.

Some tips if you want to do design it yourself:
1. Pink is BRIGHT. Be prepared to be visually assaulted
2. or, use it as an accent with only a couple of lines of clipping webbing in Pink
3. or, use it as a “tie together” colour to bring two colours together such as Pink and Purple
4. Best used on a mid-shade colour such as Grey fabric. Black can look a bit harsh when placed beside Pink
5. Can also be used to pull colours out of patterns or prints. For example can look pretty sharp on UCP or Auscam Desert.

Now lets get some Pink’spiration (yeah, “pink inspiration” rolled together… I should have been a dictionary writer):

Black Pink Bullpup Pack Bullpup Navy Wax Canvas Backpack Patchwork BullPup Pack Clipping Webbing Pink Molle Creux Cycling WTF Backpack Bullpup UCP Pink Yellow Bullpup-pack WTF Camo Pink BullPup Black Pink Purple Camelpack Black Purple Spare Camel-30l Pack Grey Blue Pink Camel Adventurepack Light Grey Wax Canvas Camel Pack Navy pink mesh duffle UCP Camelpack Pink Navy Pink Cyan Camelpack Navy Grey Pink Camel backpack


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